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Feb 10, 2012 05:01 AM

Looking for good CSA option

I am looking for a good referral for a CSA that delivers to my house. Does such a thing exist? I am also quite picky and not always happy with what comes in a traditional CSA box. Could I choose what I want?

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  1. The Post has compiled their 2012 list. Try the link below for more information about local CSA's

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      And there are some good and recent enough threads on CH. Search CSA on this board over the past 12 months and there's at least one healthy thread to be found.

    2. I still like Washington's Green Grocer. They are not a CSA but work with farmers, ranchers, dairies ... and deliver. It is year round so it is not all local by any stretch. They are very flexible on how often and what you can substitute. They have a good web site where they give their orientation toward sustainability and how it works. They have been expanding what they carry at a steady rate. i primarily get vegetables and eggs and I am very happy. Take a look:

      I also saw that South Mountain Creamery was delivering a whole range of stuff. I have only had their milk and yoghurt (from the farmer's market) and it is wonderful. Again not a CSA but I thought you might be interested.

      1. Where do you live? Norman's Farm Market has a CSA with weekly pick-ups in multiple locations in lower Mont. Co. MD: You choose your own produce from a weekly selection (in person, where you fuss over the exact choices, not through a delivery). They also offer egg shares and other items from local farms. I have been very happy with their quality and selection!