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The best Schnitzel

Don't expect anything fancy, but this hole in the wall owned and operated by quirky Polish wife Teresa with chef Bavarian Bernard has the best Schnitzel anywhere. The Schnitzel is usually pounded after you order and every sandwich is on a triangular whole wheat bun and each Schnitzel is usually an irregular shape but measures around about a foot long and about 8 inches wide and always overflows the bun. It's hard to find Schnitzel in modern day Germany as urban Gernany has become more international. The sauerkraut and potato salad are amazing. Unfortunately , SpƤtzle & rotkohl(red cabbage aren't available. There are a dozen variations of condiments & the daily soup changes and is home made. They often sell out of the soup & potato salad. The last time I had the BLT Schnitzek which had crispy bacon, fried onions, tomatoes, leafy lettuce on a bun. There are only 4 seats at this counter seat restaurant & the last visit had a Viennese customer in his 30s who told Bernard in German that his Wiener Schnitzel(Viennese veal Schnitzel) was better than any he's had in his home in Vienna. He had google Schnitzel in Toronto and came here. The hours are Mondays-Thursday's 11:00 to 5pm Friday from 11:00 to 3:30pm. They are closed weekends. Don't let the shady area(especially on the north side) put you off. It's worth the trip for the food. I took home a takeaway deconstructed sandwich. With an additional purchase of 2 buns, it made 4 sandwiches.It's cash only, no debit, no credit and all the prices marked are with all the taxes included. It's one of the most affordable eateries in the Toronto area.

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  1. Schnitzel Queen, 237 Queen St E(Queen St & Sherbourne-south side). It's about 4 stops east on the Queen Street streetcar heading east from Yonge & Queen St.

    1. I prefer Country Style on Bloor. I find it tastier than Schnitzel queen (and in a better neighbourhood lol)

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        I used to Country Style when I went to U of T and constantly on Bloor.

      2. Thanks YVRf,

        Gunna try this one.

        I spent a week in Austria just before Christmas. Unimaginatively - but wonderfully - we ate nothing but simple traditional foods, including at least a taste of a schnitzel each day. Never got tired of it.

        There has also been rave reviews - and a 92% rating on Urbanspoon - for Gourmet schnitzel House in Scarborough.

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          Gourmet Schnitzel House is quite tasty and the owners are really nice and accommodating as well. Also quite a good deal compared to the nearby Little Bavaria. Desserts looked really good, but we were too full to try them.

        2. Love the schnitzel at Europe on Bathurst just south of Lawrence....very large portions well cooked...warm homey (not fancy) place....everything I've had there has been good with the sole exception of some very salty soup one day....

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          1. Europe +1. As well, the cabbage rolls are great.

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              Add my vote for Europe's schnitzel. Good goulash, too.

            2. I've been to Europe. When I was there, all the food was single note. The schnitzel was bland and greasy. I won't go back. My fave schnitz after years of tryIng diff places is still the Albatros Pub on Lakeshore

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                I do not have a lot of experience with schnitzel, however I strongly agree on Albatros Pub. Great homemade comfort food.

              2. I went here for lunch and felt like taking a nap halfway through the sandwich. It's a huge sandwich too and if you're in the area and want something fried w/ ham, bacon, cheese, fried onions, bacon, etc. on it, this is the place to go. And in the middle of the day, the area's not that sketchy.

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                  Schnitzel Queen = tender, tasty, thin and crispy Schnitzel with addictive potato salad and slightly sweet Sauerkraut which makes for a hefty, coma inducing meal... but so worth it.

                  Much like Mystic Muffin, I want to bring them my business for their warm and friendly personalities as much as the great food!

                  Worth making a trip down there during the short window that they are open!

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                      Hi magic - YVR flyboy noted the hours in his/her original post: "The hours are Mondays-Thursday's 11:00 to 5pm Friday from 11:00 to 3:30pm."

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                        So they did! Yes! Haha, thank you LTL :)

                2. Thanks for the recommendation, YVR flyboy. After years of avoiding Schnitzel Queen due to the location, I finally went in today. Had the schnitzel dinner, which comes with mushroom sauce, potato salad and sauerkraut. $10 including tax. Delicious and huge, although oversalted. The potato salad is excellent. Split the food with a friend if you want to remain alert and productive for the rest of the day.