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Feb 10, 2012 02:54 AM

Montpellier and around

There is a dearth of information on the board about Montpellier so I don't have a lot of hope but I was wondering whether anyone had any recommendations for cafes, patisseries and informal bistros in and around the City.

We aren't particularly enthused by Jardin des Sens not least because the Pourcel twins also run our hotel restaurant but happy to be convinced otherwise.

Overall though we're just looking for a couple of places to spend a quiet and pleasant evening.

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  1. Not sure if this will fit the bill, but there is L'Entrecote - related to/one of the small French chain which serves only steak frites with their special sauce. I haven't been, but it gets good reviews.

    When you say "in and around" the city - how far out of town are you talking about? There is a recent thread on the Languedoc with quite a few recommendations - but I imagine they are a bit too far for your purposes.

    1. You don't say when you are going to be in Montpellier as come summer there are a few more options on the beach.

      We have cousins who live near Montpellier but work in the City so we get over to see them and eat a various restaurants in Montpellier when we are at our home in Provence.

      We have had a great meal at Jardin des Sens but it would definitely not qualify as an informal bistro in terms of the food, service or price.

      We have had several wonderful meals at Insensé Restaurant at the Musée Fabre near Place de la Comédie. This restaurant is also owned by the Pourcel brothers but we really like it. I posted pictures of the restaurant and food on my blog

      This fall we had a very nice meal at Le Petit Jardin Restaurant on a very narrow street near the Faculte de Medicine. I have not posted about this yet on my blog but will do so eventually. I have attached a picture of the restaurant to this post..

      Will you have a car? There are also some very nice restaurants just to the north of Montpellier in the wine villages of the Pic St. Loup area.

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        Thank you both for the responses and the help. For clarity we are going in June and are staying on a wine estate around 15 minutes' drive outside of the town but we won't have a car so 'in and around' really means within taxi distance. We did see the previous Languedoc thread, indeed I tried to hijack it at one point, but many of the suggestions there including Laguiole are just too far away to take a taxi.

        Pic St Loup might be just too far but we are going to take a wine tour up there so might look into what we can eat.

        Thank you very much for the suggestions Pammel, we may try Jardin des Sens but we are coming off the back of a rather star-heavy few days in Paris so were looking for something more informal. I like the look very much of Le Petit Jardin which seems exactly the sort of place we are looking for.

      2. Folia is on our list to try. It is located a little distance east of the gare. You can read a review on France Today website.