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Feb 10, 2012 01:40 AM

Mac and Cheese Recipe Needed?

Alright, this is a challenge:
I have cream, grated mozzerella, grated parmesan, and four cheese mexican blend. I also have kraft mac and cheese, if anyone has a recipe for making that better...
I REALLY am craving some mac and cheese- really creamy. If anyone has a recipe using any of these ingredients... that's all the cheese I have.
If it's fast, I'm hungry, so that's a plus...

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  1. If you're an experienced cook and good at making a cheese sauce from scratch, you can do it in the time it takes to boil the water for the Mac. But I'm guessing you're not, or else you wouldn't have posted. No shame in that.

    So just make the Kraft as per package directions and add some extra milk or cream, maybe an extra 1/4 cup, so that it looks really soupy when done. Add about a half cup of the four-cheese blend to it and some parm -- a tablespoon or two -- as well. The mozz won't work well so skip that.

    Stir it all together and it should be pretty good.

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    1. re: acgold7

      Definitely not an experienced cook, haha.
      Gonna go try this, thanks so much!

      1. re: tniemann

        Damn, now I want some.

        Also, don't know what you have in the house, but you could add a drop or two of Tabasco, a drop or two of Worcestershire Sauce, and a pinch of dry mustard at the end. You won't actually taste any of these things but they'll kick up the flavor.

        1. re: acgold7

          I use this old method that my mother used....boil the pasta (i personally like scoobi-doo) - make a loose cheese sauce - I make a light white sauce and add some old cheedar cheese...then I add 1 can of chopped tomatoes....I also like a bit of Mrs. Dash and some fresh ground pepper....some home-made bread crumbs on top - then put in oven until the bread crumbs are toasted.....a tried and true in my house.

    2. If you have enough cream you can adapt this M Symon version (part of his deal to promote 'Wisconsin cheese'). He has a video as well.
      Reduce the cream by half (warning - advanced cooking technique), combine it with bacon, the boiled macaroni, a bit of the pasta water, and grated cheese.

      But given your ingredients, I'd use the cream where the box says to use butter and milk. I'd also start with half of the cheese packet, and a generous handful of the cheeses of your choice. Stir on low heat till combined and melted. Then start tasting and tweaking, adding more cream to make it looser, mozzerella to make it stringy, parmesan for more flavor, cheese packet for more orange. I'm also generous with the black pepper.