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Feb 9, 2012 10:48 PM

Vermont- Killington, Rutland and Mendon


I would like recommendations for great food in the Killington, VT area. I am a foodie from New York City and my friend is a foodie from France (who lives in Montreal). So our standards are pretty high....

Local food would be ideal. Doesn't have to be fancy. Within about a half hour from Rutland (where our hotel is) is ideal.

I am also interested in great local places for snacks, regional items, breakfast, etc.

Brownie points if you know a good place to try things like "hasty pudding", "switchel" or cheese or stuff made with maple syrup. We will have a refrigerator so we can get things from the local market for snacks.


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  1. Cafe Provence in Brandon, 20-25 minutes north of Rutland.

    In Rutland (have not been yet but have heard good things
    )Table 24


      1. I don't know of anything on the mountain that is great. Maybe someone else does. But there are a few excellent places in Rutland. Roots, on Wales Street is nice. They try to do the localvore kind of thing. Table 24 at the other end of Wales is also very good upscale comfort food but they had a fire and may not be up and running again. Little Harry's is a small bar\cafe with an eclectic menu-try their red red shrimp if you like spicy! Harry's gets crowded so go early, but its also a nice bar.

        In Mendon, only a few minutes from Rutland, up a little ways towards Killington, Countryman's Pleasure is a wonderful german restaurant. Sauerbrauten, spatzle and black forest cake and apple strudel. I think a little more expensive than the Rutland places but if you're from NYC everything will be reasonable.

        Finally, Cafe Provence in Brandon is a french bistro a half hour north of Rutland. Owned and operated by a former director of the New England Culinary Instiitute. In addition to the good french fare, they have a surprisingly good brick oven pizza with sour cream, red onions and bacon. I actually prefer their appetizers and deseserts to their entree's but that's just me. They also have opened a bar area downstairs recently that I have not been to but hear its nice.

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          Shann- I forgot about the fire at Table 24. Are they eventually going to re-open or are they shutting down for good?
          Also..Sal's. Its in Rutland, right? I've been to Sal's South in Wallingford and went in not expecting much but came out pleasantly surprised-had a really good seafood linguini. My parents really like their pizza. Not sure if the Rutland location has a good reputation or not as I have not heard.

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            bm_vt: I'm pretty sure that they are going to reopen although that's only my impression. They didn't suffer any damage to the kitchen or dining room but have to replace the ansel system before reopening.

            Sal's in Rutland just changed hands. I heard that the owners got tired running the one in Wallingford and Rutland too. Sal's is good and I'd be happy to eat there but I think of it more as a solid decent value Italian than anything to get excited about.

        2. Thanks Everyone! I had read about Roots and Table 24 on Tripadvisor. I will check out the other places.

          Keep the suggestions coming. I am going next weekend.


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            I also recommend a trip to Singleton's Store in Proctorsville (hope that's within the 30 minutes). It's right on route 131. It is a crazy mix. You can get: homemade sausage, a gun and ammo, a fancy sweater, game meat, local syrup, hats and mittens, maple liqueur, plus the standard chips and beer.

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              If you're looking for farm-to-table dining, don't miss the Red Clover Inn, located right in Mendon. I've also been hearing good things about the new Snow Angel Tavern, also in Mendon. If you're in Rutland on Saturday am, check out the Rutland Winter Farmers Market from 10am-2pm and pick up some snacks as you walk around or maple syrup & cheese to take home. During the winter it's held inside the food co-op on Wales St. If you make it up to Killington and like creative cocktails, try Liquid Art or On the Rocs. Have fun!

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                Hi VTers,

                I'm heading up to the Killington area in June for a week with about a dozen friends. (we're renting a ski house off-season for a week)

                I have heard that some places close down for the summer due to lack of skiers, I was hoping to get the skinny on some places that were open year round.

                We're planning to do a lot cooking ourselves, but we will go out for a couple meals during the week. We have some foodies, but some non-adventurous eaters, and some budget-conscious folks as well.

                Is there a summer farmer's market? One of my friends was doing some research and he recommended Hinterlands Market.

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                  Choices is the best place on the mountain and they usually stay open year-round. I absolutely adore the Filet Mignon with bleu cheese. Everything is good. Also try the Garlic. They have decent Italian, but we go for the tapas menu. Reasonable and no foodie will be disappointed. There is a Farmers Market in Woodstock that is wonderful with a great deli.