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Feb 9, 2012 10:00 PM

Jollof Rice FAIL!

I've been trying to make a successful Jollof Rice for years. But inevitably the rice is always screwed up. I made it last week and burned the bottom of the pan. The rice in the dish was like a cake. I made it again tonight using plenty of water and the rice has decided that it's either gonna remain somewhere between uncooked or dissolved into the dish. What am I doing wrong? Should I just cook the rice separately? Tonight following an online recipe after browning the meat chopped onions and green peppers are sweated in the drippings after which the rice is added along with tomato paste.  The rice was simmered over medium heat introducing one can of whole peeled tomatoes and beef stock and stirring. As stated above the rice is not staying in tact melting into the stock and tomatoes. The rice that remains is uncooked. 

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  1. Hi I came across your issue online a few minutes ago. I know its been years since you posted this, but I thought maybe you could still benefit from an answer from an African cook. Ok soooo here's your problem... You have to either use a better quality of rice such as Jasmine long or short grain, and you have to boil all of the ingredients into a soup first before you put in the rice. Once the ingredients (vegetable or olive oil, crushed tomatoes, water, beef stock, seasoning, and tomato paste) finally melt together and taste good, then put in the rice and let it boil for a few minutes stirring the rice every so often. Stir the rice in slowly to prevent caking. After the liquid starts to reduce, then you turn it down to a low heat and cover it with a piece of foil for the rest of the cooking process to finish.
    *Other kinds of rice don't really cook that well. Don't be so hard on yourself, its not your fault! Also, its not true authentic African cooking unless you see a just a little bit of burning at the bottom. LOL