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Feb 9, 2012 08:54 PM

Bread n Kabob, Durham

Had dinner with a group of friends at Bread n Kabob this evening. This place was one of my favorite spots for cheap eats when it opened the first time around. I went tonight expecting that it would have a bar now, but apparently they have recently eliminated all alcohol. They don't even have beer or wine. That said, it was great to eat there, and enjoy the flavors I hadn't had in way too long. They have a buffet now which has several vegetables and a couple of chicken dishes. I did the buffet with a small side of lamb kabobs. Unfortunately, their menu no longer has a kabob plate with two veggies, as it used to. But the food still tastes the same as it did, and their fresh hot bread, while not quite as good as it was when they first opened the last time around, is still pretty great. The red and green sauces are still fantastic. If you loved Bread n Kabob before, you'll still love it now; if you missed it the first go 'round, I recommend checking it out now.

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  1. Rumor has it that the owners had gone back to Afghanistan for a while and had left it in the hands of their daughter who turned it into a bar. When they returned and found what had happened, they were horrified and consequently, no alcohol. We like this place, too. I forgot exactly what it was, but we had an amazing appetizer there the first time we went. I'd have to look at the menu again.