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so simple, cheap and tasty. where do you get a great one? i've been a fan of the homeslice version but their poor service has me looking for better options. any suggestions in south austin especially would be appreciated.

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  1. I have heard good things about the calzone at Mercury Pizza on S Lamar. No personal experience yet, but it is on my radar to try soon...

    Just putting it out there, since no one else had responded.

    1. I liked the ones at Craig O's far south Austin/Kyle location. I have't' had them anywhere else, but I would suspect they are very, very similar at the other locations.

      Which reminds me, I need to try a stromboli from Fox's Pizza Den hoping they are as luscious as the ones I used to get in South Carolina...

      1. I don't know much in South Austin but Joe's Italian on Burnet & Research and Reale's up Research and Anderson Mill do nice calzones.

        Where else can you find calzones in ATX? Is Craig O's real pizza & calzones? It looks like Dominoes.

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          so I tried CraigOs a few months ago and it was pretty damn bad. in fact it didn't have any ricotta cheese so I didn't consider it a calzone at all. So this weekend I called and specifically asked for ricotta as one of the ingredients. again, no ricotta. wtf?! I called and the manager said that they're supposed to have ricotta, he offered me a free calzone for my next visit. I politely declined.

          I came across Tony's pizza (http://www.tonyspizzaaustin.com/menu....) and decided to give it a try for lunch. empty parking lot at 12:15. bad sign. I ordered a calzone, she asked for the chicken alfredo (out of chicken) then the manicotti (we don't even make that anymore). she then asked about a restroom (broken). yeah, not expecting much from this place.... then I get back to work and begin to enjoy a damn fine calzone. good crust and ingredients and humongous. all for $6! if you decide to try this place I'd probably stick with pizzas or calzones, definitely worth a visit

        2. Don't know if you have a Little Italy there but the one in Tyler has a great calzone!

          1. Southside PIzza has calzones. I've never had one, but their pizza is great, and they're generally faster/more accommodating than Home Slice.

            1. I'm no calzone connoisseur by any means but I've had the pepperoni and cheese version at Little Deli in Crestview and found it to be very good. I love their pizzas and deviled eggs and their beef / cheddar sandwich, so it makes sense they can whip up a decent calzone I guess. Actually, I've not had a meh experience there with any menu item.