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Feb 9, 2012 08:49 PM

Sauce for Meatballs

I would like to serve meatballs as an appetizer. I have a good basic meatball recipe but need some ideas for an accompanying sauce -- either for dipping or as part of the dish. The rest of the meal is vegetarian; the meatballs are to appease the carnivores (mostly my grandson!)

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  1. Does the grandson mind a little spice? Mix equal parts apricot jam and mae ploy (sweet chili sauce). Depending on the meatballs add soy to taste, simple but always a hit.

    1. Here's one of my favorites for a party appy:
      Make your meatballs with a pork/beef mix of meat (favoring the pork ratio-wise) leaving out any typical Italian seasonings (like oregano or parmesan cheese); if you use a bread panade in the meatballs, use rye bread if you can, and add some sweet paprika to the overall mix (along with chopped onions & garlic). Fry your meatballs as one normally would.
      For the sauce:
      Get, or make, some chicken or vegetable stock and dose it generously with some good Hungarian sweet paprika and fresh ground pepper, and braise the meatballs in the stock for an hour or so. Afterwards, thicken the gravy slightly with some roux (or the binder of your choice) and finally, stir in some sour cream (don't boil the cream).
      This has been a huge hit at _every_ gathering I've brought it to...a nice change from the usual Italian meatballs or Swedish meatballs.
      Basically, it's "Meatballs Paprikash" (in Hungarian, "Snitzli --or Labda Pecsenye-- Paprikas".
      However you spell it, it's really tasty.

      1. I would say it all depends on the meatball. A marinara would be right for some, mustard dip for others, a spicy Asian for a third. What kind of flavors do you want to compliment?

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          Many apologies for my late response to you Escondido. Life and the Opera intervened! My recipe is the simplest -- 1/2 veal and 1/2 pork mix, white or panko breadcrumbs, milk, finely chopped onion and S and P. This is to approximate PC Blue Menu Meatballs. GS would freak out if parsley etc. My thought was to have a basic meatball and then a jazzed up dipping sauce for the adults. How do make your Spicy Asian and Mustard sauces?

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            Sorry Zinnia, I was just giving examples, I don't have recipes. But for the mustard, if it is going to be served cold, you could certainly do a mix of whole grained mustard and cream fresh with some chopped chives. For Spicy Asian, you could combine Hoisin sauce, toasted sesame seed oil and a bit of Hot Garlic Bean Paste, thinning it with some soy sauce.

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              a creamy horseradish sauce would also be great with would a tangy blue cheese sauce.

          2. I used to make this Spanish Meatballs in Almond Sauce from Penelope Casas and loved it. I have no idea why I haven't made them in a while - trying new stuff I guess. Your meatballs should work. It is not just a dip, but you could have some plain and some in the sauce.

            1. An oldie buy goodie, melt a bottle of ketchup and a can of whole cranberries together and then put the meatballs in there or I guess you can serve it on the side. I ususally doctor mine up with a little brown sugar, lemon juice and sour salt to get more of a sweet sour taste.