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Feb 9, 2012 08:15 PM

Kosher Instacure?

Hey all. I am looking to make some cured meats and sausages, but most of the recipes I find call for Instacure #1, Instacure #2, or other products similar to these two. The problem is, is that I looked at both the Ok product search and the Ou product search, and both do not list any Instacure or the various alternatives. I know Morton makes a cure mix, but I do not like that it is so radically different from the other cures, and that it contains sugar in some amount. I wish to simply find a curing salt without any seasonings or sugars added, so as to allow me to use whatever substitutions I wish.

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  1. Not a kashrut expert here, but would pink salt fit the bill? Pink salt is a mixture of about 6.5% sodium nitrite, and 93.5 percent kosher salt. You then add whatever seasoning your prefer, and continue with your recipe. If you haven't seen it already, I'd recommend having a look at Michael Ruhlman's book, "Charcuterie." Very accessible recipes with clear instructions with reasonable home-sized yields.

    Btw, make sure your pink salt is the curing salt variety, not the fancy-schmancy Himalayan pink salt. The pink salt for curing is dyed to distinguish it from regular table salt as it not edible by itself.

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      Thank you. I have read Michael Ruhlman's book. I am actually trying to make some recipes from it. But what I don't know is if the pink salt--the stuff with sodium nitrite, not the Himalayan salt--is something I need a hechsher (kosher certification) for. I know that some things, like vegetables and plain spices like black pepper under some conditions are considered kosher even if they do not have a kosher symbol on them, but I don't know if the same applies to InstaCure.

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        Sorry if I underestimated your knowledge of the subject. It can be hard to tell from these posts.

        According to the cRc, this brand of pink salt is kosher. http://www.crcweb.org/LOC/Char%20Crus...

        Your best best may be to call the cRc after Shabbat and ask them directly.

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            Dont know if you follow crazytastykosher, but he just made lamb bacon from Ruhlman, and he said that according to the Star-K, Instacure/Prague 1 or 2 doesn't need a hechsher...if you want, you can call the Star-K directly @ 410-484-4110, they're pretty accessible, and are willing to answer hechsher questions, if they know, and if not they'll usually transfer you to someone who does

            Here's the link - http://crazytastykosher.wordpress.com...

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          I don't know of any Prague Powder that is not kosher. The nitrates and nitrites are inorganic, minerals generally mined from the earth.

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            The issue (if there are any) arises with the pink dye they use