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Jun 9, 1999 12:49 PM

Where to eat in San diego?

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I´ll be going to San Diego for two weeks in July, and
I would like some recommendations for were to eat and
snack. I like healthy tasty food- preferably on the
cheaper side. Are there any good buffet restaurants? I
also love ice cream and Frozen yogurt. Any good places
for that?
Thank you in advance!


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  1. Well, it's not exactly healthful, but where we always
    went when we found ourselves in San Diego was Kansas
    City Diner, near the convention center and the
    railroad station. It's where they filmed the "sleazy
    bar scene" in Top Gun, and has lots of atmosphere and
    Top Gun memorabilia. The barbecued ribs and barbecued
    beans are decent, and it's a fun place. Otherwise,
    just wander around the Gas Lamp Quarter and you will
    find all kinds of trendy places, no doubt some of them
    healthy, and no doubt including frozen yogurt,
    smoothies and suchlike.

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      I live in mississippi and twice a year I visit S.D.
      To get a proper mexican meal I like Taco Surf In O.B.
      Also I like the Los Chavos across from Southwestern Coll in Chulawanna. but to get truthful Jack In The Crack Tacos I can't wait to get them ther're so bad they're the best. Last year on New Years Day with all of this good fod laid out What were we eating Jack Tacos that's what. a big damm bag of em Iwish we had a Crack in the box here the closest is in Dalles Texas
      Bon Appetite you lucky folks

      1. re: andy taylor
        Colleen Larreau

        I have lived here in San Diego for 10 years. For ice cream, Neiderfrank's in National City is definitely the place. All their stuff is homemade and the best around. My friend owns two Stone Cold Creamery's one in Claremont and one in Chula Vista. It is a really neat place to go, you pick whatever you want mixed in your ice cream, and they mix it there right in front of you.

    2. I lived for a couple years in San Diego. My favorite restaurant there was the Balboa Tofu House at 4646 Convoy in the Kearny Mesa area. It is a Korean restaurant that serves only one main dish--soft tofu cooked in broth. But you can choose from over twenty different additions to the broth (clams or pork or mushrooms or pollack roe etc.) and can have the broth prepared any way from bland to fiery. the main course is served with either white or brown (actually purple) rice and several spicey Korean side dishes, like kim chee and seaweed in a spicey sauce. This is a unique and wonderful and inexpensive place. I can't recommend it too highly, and I miss it terribly.