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Feb 9, 2012 07:20 PM

Another great meal at Hecho en Dumbo

They've changed their menu a little bit since I last ate there a few months back, with the notable addition of Tacos De Tuetano: "roasted bone marrow topped with caramelized tender wagyu beef tongue alongside a tomato avocado and sweet sherry salsa accompanied by housemade corn tortillas." The marrow bone is about 7", split lengthwise. The tongue was meltingly tender, its richness amplified by the luxurious marrow, which was charred at points on the bone, rendering it crispy. It also comes with a ramekin filled with a nice, creamy bean paste (refried beans?). It was absolutely frickin' delicious, and a welcome addition to the menu.

Thank goodness they've still got their old standbys picaditas de jaiba (shredded crab with avocado on masa cakes) and tacos de costilla (short rib steak with a nice meaty bone for gnawin' on the side), as they're what really keep me coming back.

These three items, plus Ensalada Pozolera (watermelon radish with romaine hearts, fresh oregano, and hominy with a chile guajillo aioli; the only (minor) problem was that the hominy wasn't consistently crunchy) and a not-too-sweet flan dessert, fed my 16y.o. son and me quite nicely.

I really like having this place in the neighborhood.

Hecho en Dumbo
354 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

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  1. I love this place too. It's been a consistent go to with me and my friends over the last few years. We've been going since the days they were actually in Dumbo. The fact that their margaritas and cocktails are delicious hasn't hurt either.

    Has anyone checked out the Salon Hecho next door?

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      Didn't even realize it's there! Is it a bar?

    2. Can anyone comment on how long the wait is for a table either on a weeknight or weekend?