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Feb 9, 2012 06:24 PM

Fat Chef

Has Food Network officially "jumped the shark" with this show?

It's kinda like programming the "Mormon Tabernacle Choir Hour" on the Playboy Channel.

I get that "Biggest Loser" draws ratings, but do we need this type of program on a food network, after showing 5 hours of cake wars? And if it's all about stealing ratings from other networks, are we going to see:

- Chefs of the Jersey Shore?
- Storage/Restaurant Wars?
- Chef by night/Pawn Shop owner by Day?
- American Cookers/Pickers?
- Cooking up Gold on the Klondike.

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  1. Well, there is always that off switch to your TV. But, hey, that would just prevent another endless supply of anti FN subjects.

    1. theres already been a restaurant wars show on FN, and there has also been a food hoarders show lately on cooking channel.

      1. I suspect you know that the name of the network has nothing to do with the shows they'll show to drum up advertisers. TLC might as well rename itself trash-TV if the name has to relate to their programming. For the reason you cited, I don't really watch Food Network, other than when they do the Next Iron Chef, which generates higher rating than Iron Chef America. They might as well cancel ICA and just keep doing contests for the Next Iron Chef.

        1. Maybe Food Network needs to take a page from the CH board and call their station "Not about Food" network.

          1. I like your list. I'd like to see "Trading Chefs" where two different types of restaurants exchange their chefs for a week or two. First doing it the way the restaurant does it, then the second half, instituting changes.