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Feb 9, 2012 06:24 PM

Steakhouses In Los Angeles County near the beach

Hello all,

I am looking for a good restaurant near the beach that serves a good steak. I see Geoffrey's in Malibu as a competitor but it is on a cliff? Is it possible to walk down the beach? Also how much would a steak dinner cost? The prices aren't listed.

Any other suggestions on a good restaurant near the beach that serves a good steak will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Chez Jay may be an unconventional choice. It is near the beach. There are peanut shells on the floor. Place looks like a dive/bar. Yet, it is much beloved by those who know about it. Great drinks, delicious steaks. It's as much as Santa Monica institution as is Musso and Frank in Hollywood. All things considered, I prefer Chez Jay. .

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        I was thinking of Chez Jay, but it's really not that convenient to the beach. Yeah, you can walk to the beach, but it's not like it's right there. It's closer to the pier than the beach, actually.

        I haven't been to a Chart House in 25 years ... but there is one in Malibu. Are the steaks at CH worth recommending to vmr?

        There is also BOA steakhouse in Santa Monica. It's also on the other side of Ocean (like CJ) but maybe closer to the stairs down to the sand.

        James Beach in Venice is not exactly a steakhouse, but there are a couple of steaks on their menu.

        The truth is, there are miles and miles of beach in L.A. I'm sure someone will know of some places in Malibu or the South Bay or something like that.

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          I haven't been there in a decade, but I do remember having a good steak (and excellent fries, cooked in beef fat I believe) at James' Beach.

      2. Yes, you can walk down to the beach from Geoffrey's. A steak dinner for two (before tax/tip and drinks) will be easily $75-80 or more.

        Might also consider The Lobster on the SM Pier.

        1. Here's the Geoffrey's menu with prices

          Looks like they're not really big on steaks and what they do offer is very pricey.

          1. You also have Boa in Santa Monica. Not quite on the beach but on Ocean Ave and you can walk down to the beach or Santa Monica Pier.

            1. Fonz's in Manhattan Beach. A good neighborhood steakhouse. Casual. One block walk from the beach and the Pier.

              Fonz's Restaurant
              1017 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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                how about the bullpen in redondo, steakhouse and semi near a beach or Tony's on the pier