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Feb 9, 2012 05:52 PM

worthwhile lunch specials

I am back for a long weekend, and dinner plans are set. Wondering about any new or "not to be missed" lunch specials. Solo diner.

Also parade food? Should i just byo or anything worthwhile in lower canal or mid-st. Charles?


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  1. Specifically, what I am looking for is prix fixe specials such as the August 20.11 or Coquette 3-course $24.

    Since I am hitting Coquette for dinner (and went to August last summer) wondering if you have ideas for other CBD/Warehouse/Magazine St. places lunch specials?

    1. Mr. B's would be a good choice for dining. They have a 2 course prix fixe lunch for $20.00. Domenica is a casual John Besh Italian restaurant in the Roosevelot Hotel. They have happy hour specials from 3/6 half price pizza and drinks. Dining at the bar at Domenica is fun. Luke is another John Besh restaurant in the Hilton on St. Charles. They have a 2 course express lunch for $15.00 and 3/6 Happy Hour half price drinks and 50 cent oysters. Dining at the bar at Luke is fun also. Antoine's is in the FQ. They have a prix fixe 3 course 30 minutelunch for $20.00 and would be nice for a solo diner.
      Emeril's is one of my favorite NOLA restaurants. They have an 30 minute express lunch special that's around $19.50. August is another of John Besh's restaurants and they serve a lunch special also.
      August - $20.00 Weekdays.
      Cafe Adelaide @ 300 Poydras St., New Orleans, LA 504 - 595 - 3305.
      Coquette - $24.00 Lunch Wednesday/Saturday.
      Commander's - Monday/Friday's for $20.00 and 25 cent Martini's.
      Iris - $20.00 3 course.
      Luke - 2 Course $15.00 Lunch and 3 to 6 Half Price Drinks and 50 cents oysters.
      Mila - Prix Fixe Lunch Special.
      Muriels's - 2 Course Lunch Special $16.50.
      Domenica - 3 to 6PM Half Price Drinks and Pizza.
      Mr. B's - 2 Course $20.00 for lunch.

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        Thanks, Littleman.

        I have (thankfully!) been to many you recommended -- I'm the No Cal gal whose daughter now teaches at a NOLA charter -- but I have not tried Luke, Iris, Adelaide or Mila.

        I am leaning toward Luke for today. Perhaps I can have the two-course lunch at the bar? Do you know how late it goes?

        1. re: karendor

          Luke is open from 7 AM to 11 PM. I'm sure the lunch special ends around 2 PM because the happy hour starts at 3 PM.

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            Most lunch specials are limited to weekdays. Coquette is an exception. Luke doesn't have lunch specials per se. They offer different daily specials that remain the same on each spe ific day. Food is just ok. Emeril's would be a much better choice.

            1. A lot of restaurants are working 'street vendor' style during the parades. You don't have to eat from one of traveling trucks if you don't want to.

              1. Not "specials," but certainly a special lunch can be had at A Mano, Adolfo Garcia's restaurant in the Warehouse District (Fridays only). Ate there today and had a truly exquisite squid ink pasta with tuna conserva with a light preparation of putanesca ingredients. Comfortable, relaxed place for a solo diner. Highly recommended. I for one will be back to try more on the menu.

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                  Great list, littleman, and nice to hear about A Mano, Zea etc. Went to Luke on Friday for the $15 lunch, sat at the bar, bartender said "hey beautiful" so did the food really matter? I had their friday seafood roux with oysters, shrimp, crab and fish. Good but not a "wow.". They took my soup away before i was finished, but generally a nice experience. I would go back.

                  Had Port O Call burgers/potato/rum drink for an early dinner. Good but I want to go to Cowbell. Checked out the remodeled Carousel Bar prior to Oshun parade.

                  Off to Ruby Slipper for brunch. Having fun -- that's what matters right? Thanks, all! Will do a full trip report on Tuesday.