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May 7, 1999 11:28 PM

San Diego Chowhounding

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Now I am off to San Diego and am looking for
recommendations on places that I shouldn't miss. As
always, moderately priced and casual places that have
creative cooking and/or local specialties are my
primary goal, but I will spend the money for something
really special.

I will be at the Sheraton Harbor Island and will have
a car.

Thanks in advance.

Jim Zurer -- Washington DC

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  1. Check out the Wine Sellar (sic) & Brasserie, 9550
    Waples St, San Diego; tel 619 450-9576. It's about 15
    minutes from your hotel in a very unlikely (light
    industrial) area. There is a first-rate wine shop
    downstairs and a terrific contemporary restaurant
    upstairs. It's sister restaurant, Laurel, is a little
    closer - at 5th and Laurel in San Diego; the number is
    619 239-2222. Both places serve what could best be
    described as Calif/Med. Probably more expensive than
    what you are looking for, but definitely worth it.

    In La Jolla, just off the 5 and across from the Hyatt
    Regency, is Cafe Japengo, with a pan-Asian menu and a
    sushi bar. Very interesting architecture/decor, and a
    menu that is worth reading through. It is a little
    noisy, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, but I
    have always enjoyed it.

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    1. re: Joe Miller

      Thanks for the suggestions...I will note them for my
      next trip.

      This time I ate at the Belgian Lion (not bad, but very
      slow service), The Fish Market (outside on the deck)
      which was terrific--the food (steamed clams, fried
      oysters, and a fish ceviche tostada) was outstanding
      and I had a great waitress, Blue Point Coastal Grill,
      where I ate an early dinner of oysters and steamed
      Manila clams (I would gladly return for a full meal),
      and breakfasts at Hob Nob Hill (very good) and Jimmy
      Carter's (my machaca was outstanding).

      A special mention for the gelato at Mea Culpa in
      Pacific Beach, which was better that Il Vero Gelato on
      India Street.

      Plenty of places for me to try on my next trip.

      Jim Zurer - Washington DC