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Feb 9, 2012 05:10 PM

Dinesty, Top Shanghai Cuisine or Suhang?

I've been given the task of choosing the restaurant for a family get-together (no pressure..ha!). We prefer Shanghaiese, but are open to other suggestions. We love good XLB's, and I have an intense craving for stir-fried rice cakes. The majority prefer noodle and rice dishes, and we'll likely be ordering some crab as well. Thanks for your input.

And if you could add what your favorite dishes are that would be a real bonus!

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  1. When I read you wanted Shanghainese, rice cakes and crab, I can think of this place called Ningtu on Kingsway. See this:

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      Ningtu is famous for that particular dish.

      Choosing from the original list of three places - I would pick Suhang over the other two. The XLB is very good (number one in town according to my daughter who is pretty picky about such matters). I also like quite a number of their Shanghai "dim sum"...but most dishes are only available from brunch through lunch. If you are able to make it during that time, then I can recommend a number of their savoury pastries and dumplings; their Suzhou duck; and the cold brisket.

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        I pick Suhang for their ambiance which to me is more upscale and "sophisticated" while relaxed. Which I don't feel at Dinesty, which btw leans more towards Taiwanese styles and flavours. Top Shanghai can be a bit hit & miss, mind you, and I find the ambiance too loud and overcrowded.

        Ningtu is close in food quality (I was there for CNY dinner, thanks to Fmed's suggestion). Ambiance is more mid-market and casual. But we really enjoyed our meal and price-wise they're tough to beat.

    2. OK - it looks like we'll try to go to Suhang since most people in our group live in Richmond AND it sounds like they take reservations. We'll be going for dinner - definitely be having XLB's, rice cakes, spinach and bean curd. Any other suggestions?

      Ningtu sounds great too - especially the crab and rice cakes dish - two of my favorite things!

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        Check the blog reviews:

        You're not likely gonna be disappointed :-)

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          Thanks for all the help. One constant in all the reviews....crappy service, so at least we'll know in advance and can prepare ourselves.

          I really miss Shanghai Village which used to be near Cambie near 16th (now Wang's). I was really impressed by the food AND the service....need to find a new place in the 'hood (LR, maybe you can help - I think we're in the same neighbourhood).

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            What really rubs it in is that Wang's (at least this one) is pathetically meh in all aspects. It's virtually empty every evening after 7pm. I'm amazed they've lasted this long, their Marpole outlet must be subsidizing this one big time.

            There really is only one other option here in Fairview, and that's Peaceful on Broadway between Cambie & Ash. I must say, I never feel "comfy" sitting in there, dunno why. But food is now more consistently good than ever.

            Also don't forget Long's Noodle House, on Main @ 33, in Little Mountain neighbourhood.

            Another option (far away in Marpole) is The Place, a solid venue for food and value, if humble in ambiance:


            This new Tang Dynasty Handcrafted Noodles House I should check out sometime:


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              FWIW, I have never experienced bad service at Suhang. Quite the contrary, actually.