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Feb 9, 2012 03:49 PM

Looking for some opinions on Baltimore farm-to-table restaurants

My wife is a journalist and has tasked me with contacting the fine folks on Chowhound for some informed opinions. She's looking for both good and bad experiences from diners to Baltimore area restaurants that primarily identify themselves as farm-to-table restaurants. If you want to send her some thoughts you can post here but also please email since she'll need to get your vitals. Thanks!

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  1. The Chameleon Cafe on Harford road in Baltimore has been doing farm to table for ten years. The menu is small and changes seasonally and everything I have ever tried there has been perfect. The chef and his wife live above the restaurant, so they live and breath their business.

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      That's great. Thanks for contributing. I'm sure she'll be contacting you off board.

    2. I have always heard good things about this restaurant....

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        Have you had any personal experiences there or anywhere else that does "farm to table?" Thanks for the reply.

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          I have not gotten a chance, but have wanted to go.

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            I definetly wouldn't leave out Woodberry Kitchen. I have had enjoyable dinners there each time I've visited since their opening. Delicious meals in an attractive dining room!

        2. Please tell me that she's going to discuss what a tired and hackneyed term and concept this is.

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            From what you say it sounds like she'd really like to talk to you. Drop her an email!

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              Attwaters has always cared about their sources, and has a map at Belvedere showing where some of the produce comes from. Ned Attwater knows and uses several local farmers; te results are usually great.