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Feb 9, 2012 02:58 PM


Where can an ex-detroiter find vernors in san diego?

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  1. I saw it this past weekend at Ralph's in Hillcrest. Both diet and regular. Top shelf.

    1. Ralphs, Vons, BevMo, Major Market. Usually on a bottom shelf in the pop section.

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        So the answer is "pretty much everywhere". :)

      2. Vernors is generally available at Ralphs although for almost two months it was missing from the Ralphs in Hillcrest. It is there now. Vons usually has Vernors although you will usually find it with the drink mixers and not the soda. Target had Vernors yesterday in Pt. Loma. Best price, from what I can tell, has usually been Ralphs. BTW, and you probably know this, the current Vernors is a weak version of the formerly fabulous "real" Vernors of my childhood (the 60's when we would go to Michigan to visit relatives). Nonetheless, I still think it is much better than Canda Dry etc.