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Feb 9, 2012 02:28 PM

Just For You Cafe in the Dogpatch

About a week or so ago, I decided to drive around neighborhoods I haven't paid much attention to. Hanging out in the Dogpatch are some really nice looking places that seem to be getting good reviews. Two I looked at were It's All About You and Piccino. I decided to check out Just For You for lunch today.

The menu is very straightforward, with a heavily-focused breakfast menu. The dishes coming out all looked great and I considered the Huevos Rancheros but was drawn to the house-made pastrami.

The plate came with nicely perfectly toasted Acme Rye stuffed gernously with Pastrami, swiss and some tangy sauerkraut a pickle and some pretty good French Fries. While the fries were good, they could have been better (dredged in water just slightly too long or slightly under-cooked in the first fry perhaps?)

Looking around at tables next to me, breakfast items were very popular (well, the menu is about 70% breakfast so no surprise there), and a few people got the house-mad Beignets that looked big and delivious.

I'm thinking about bringing bringing some friends this weekend to check the place out. Has anyone gone here for brunch and have any recommendations on what to try (or not to try for that matter)?

Just For You
732 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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  1. I had brunch there last year with a few friends. We all really enjoyed our meals, but I vaguely recall the daily specials being bigger winners than the omlette I ordered. My DH got a fritatta, as I recall, which was particularly tasty. The pancakes we got to share were great as well. Very large portions. Real maple syrup is available.

    1. The place is a bit crowded on weekends so be prepared to wait.

      I'm a fan of the huevos rancheros there and especially the Yowza green chile sauce (hello New Mexican style chile). The beignets are great.
      I also LOVE their cinnamon raisin toast (baked fresh on site) and sometimes get eggs and crabcakes (crabcakes are also good) just so I can get the toast.
      Oh! and the BLT is awesome (again, the bread is so good...)

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        This is exciting to hear about the green chili sauce. I do love me some green sauce!

      2. was here months ago. seem most people did order breakfast here.
        ordered catch of the day(10.95)
        -yellowtail fillet wasn't very tasty and was cold tasting
        -salad amost all lettuce with no dressing
        -baked potato so lukewarm a pat of buter wouldn't melt in it.
        -coffee was robust and refilled many times.
        -would stay away from lunch menu and stick with breakfast if i go agaon.

        1. Beignets definitely. Any egg dish with their green chile sauce made from roasted chiles they have shipped every year from New Mexico...spicy. Don't miss paying a visit to Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous across the street on the opposite corner on 3rd. They have the best ice cream IMO.

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            Thanks. I did see the beignets and they looked delicious.