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Feb 9, 2012 01:21 PM

Bocadillos - great spot for a weekday breakfast [San Francisco]

I feel like there are very few places that serve breakfast on weekdays in SF that aren't hotels or greasy-spoon joints (not that there's anything with either of those).

Had a great breakfast this morning at Bocadillos though; their main plates come with toast (which is accompanied with top-notch butter, some type of spicy sauce, sea salt, an jam), perfectly dressed mixed greens, eggs (perfectly poached) and patatas bravas (tasted great, although wouldn't have minded it being a bit more spicy. I had the catalan-style sausage hash as my main dish, and it was extremely tasty. Just a great low-key vibe too; friendly bartender, some people were in there to eat, some were just catching up over coffee.

Will definitely want to return for other meals.

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    1. My wife and I stopped in last week for an early supper. We sat at the bar, sipped some quality cava and ordered a total of four plates. The prawns from the plancha were serviceable, the summer squash was tasty, the corned beef tongue (a dish served cold) with pickled vegetables was a pleasure. Highlight of the evening was the pig trotters with chopped egg on side. This dish was a home run. We washed it all down with a tempranillo.
      All-in-all, it was a pleasant meal.

      1. Went Basque-bar-hopping last night. The cold tongue was fantastic, so were the sardines. Fried trotter cake seemed not quite as dreamy as I remember it.

        Tripe was scorched, sent it back, they brought another serving, same problem, they said they'd 86 the batch. Makes me wonder if everyone in the kitchen hate tripe so they can't tell if it's right. Weird.

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