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Mar 7, 1999 02:12 AM

San Diego Ideas?

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Am going to be in San Diego soon. There have only
been a few posts here and was wondering if anyone else
had suggestions for restaurants, especially ones that
might be suitable for relatively large (6-12) parties.

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  1. I had dinner last week at Laurel (5th & Laurel) and it
    was excellent, as it has been consistently over the
    past several years. The food is similar to the old
    Spago (Med-Calif) and it isn't cheap. Great wine list.
    You might also want to try the sister restaurant, Wine
    Sellar & Brasserie, which is about a 15-minute drive
    from downtown, in an industrial park area.

    The other place I like is Cafe Japengo, an Asian-fusion
    restaurant opposite the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla, just
    off the 5 Freeway. Busy sushi bar along with lots of
    tables. Somewhat noisy, and an interesting people
    scene on weekends. A lot of people from UC San Diego.
    Again, the place isn't cheap, but it's worth it.

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      i was born and raised in san diego (the best city, by the way!) and one of my favorite restaurants is "kemo sabe" on fifth ave in hillcrest. if you like truly spicy and very eclectic food, THIS IS THE PLACE! i have never been to another place that serves food like this. try the "skirts on fire" and/or the "anasazi ravioli". it's also nice to walk around the shops when you are finished dining. another place would be "guadalajara grill" in old town. they make homemade tortillas and have great margaritas and the best part is the entertainment (free), mariachi bands, and there is a happy hour mon-fri 4-7pm (also, free). cheesecake factory and crocodile's in fashion velley are also very good places to dine. enjoy!