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Feb 9, 2012 01:14 PM

sorry state of fried chicken in westchester

are there really no suggestions for reasonably priced GOOD fried chicken in this area now that poultry time is gone? i know alvin and friends is supposed to be good, but come on a white linen table cloth restaurant is not the place to get fried chicken, and prefer a reasonable price also, so come on there MUST BE SOME PLACES

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  1. I wish a place like that would open around here!!

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    1. There's a place in Fleetwood that does Ribs...Forgot the name. Maybe they would do fried chicken? What about places in Harlem? In know there's a couple of resto's there. Good luck!

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        The Bayou - that's probably the place you mean. On Gramatan Ave in Fleetwood - Mt Vernon. They have fried chicken on the menu (called "Southern Fried Kickin' Chicken!"). Haven't tried it, but if it's as good as the ribs & "voodoo" wings, it's worth a shot.

      2. What may be the best fried chicken in the New York area, while not in Westchester, is really not too far either. Charles Country Pan Fried Chicken on 151st and Frederick Douglas Blvd. is all you need to know. And while the fried chicken is the clear star, all the food is delicious. A $13 AYCE lunch gets you unlimited fried chicken, smothered pork chops, smothered turkey legs, ribs, collard greens, mac n cheese, green beans, okra stew, rice and peas, among others. Just had it this past Saturday, and it took me about a half hour from Sleepy Hollow. Well worth it...

        1. Not exactly fried chicken, but fried chicken (nuggets for lack of a better term) at chicken joes in New Rochelle, are amazing. I love Chicken Joes, i know they have fried chicken also but ive never tried it. When i go i get a ground rule double (1/2lbs of chicken, chili, cheese, fries and cones - fried mashed potato balls and a soda) its amazing and only 9 dollars for a ton of food. Im curious to see how there fried chicken is. Heres the website

          1. I assume you want to sit down and have it. Otherwise, I don't care what anyone says, it's hard to beat KFC. If you want a restaurant, try Rye Roadhouse in Rye, Piper;s Kilt (served as fried chicken basket w/ fries) in Eastchester, Aside from that, I'm pretty much at a loss.

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              would actually prefer a good take-out place, kfc and popeyes (bronx -just past fairway) are both good, but i keep thinking there must be better. btw how do you add" re"- for a subject?

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                Try the place Paris1976 mentioned. It's a block over from the Bayou....on the Maggie Spillane's side. I think they have fried chicken. To bad Yvonne's in Pelham isn't still open. They had soul food and from what I heard the best Fried Chicken around

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                  not westchester but has anyone tried the fried chicken at Bailey's Smokehouse in Blauvelt