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Feb 9, 2012 12:18 PM

Great food, preferable dimly lit - girl's night birthday dinner in Santa Monica - Italian or other steak/fish options.

For a last minute dinner tonight...seeking a balance of ambiance, amazing food and not TOO upscale but not too casual either.. middle of the road. Something like Palmeri in Brentwood if anyone has been...thank you!

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  1. If you don't mind not having a reservation (and maybe having to wait for a table depending on what time - earlier the better - you plan on going) then Milo and Olive would be a good choice.

    Milo and Olive
    2723 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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    1. re: Servorg

      milo and olive is not at all dimly lit.
      the tables are communal, so it's possible that you will all be sitting lined up, shoulder to shoulder with each other instead of being able to converse.

      1. re: westsidegal

        If you go a bit east, Il Forno Caldo in Beverly Hills would fit you requirements. Very good Italian food, nice wine list, lovely room. Its on Little Santa Monica just east of Wilshire.

    2. Two other thoughts.

      Il Moro on Olympic just east of Colby.

      LA Farm on Olympic and Centinella.

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      1. Wilshire is always good and has a great patio. The Misfit has a cool vibe as well - small plates

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          we decided on Misfit just before I saw your post, thank you all!

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            Hope you all had fun. I am a little late, but perhaps next time this will be of help. What you are describing is The Brentwood. It is dark, has good steaks, fish and is fun and comfortable.

        2. Eeek. Okay: Dim, Italian (but could be steak/fish), not too expensive but not too casual, great food....

          Also in Brentwood is Villeta but you may struggle at the last minute with no rezzie and it can get spendy.

          La Botte in Santa Monica is nice--I think the food up the street at Hosteria del Piccolo is better but that isn't dimly lit at all--and you could probably get in. Or you could try the original Piccolo.

          It's not steak/fish or Italian but you might be able to squeeze into JiRaffe.

          I can't keep myself from mentioning Capo, but I think it is going to be too pricey and they may not be able to accomodate you at the last minute (the place is small and fills up).

          Good luck!