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Mar 2, 1999 03:22 PM

Pismo Beach / Morro Bay

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This coming weekend I'll be in the general area of
Pismo Beach and Morro Bay. Any suggestions for
chowhounding, other than the Santa Maria BBQ places?

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    george osner

    Pismo has a fun/funky place where we went last yr. for
    steamed clams--clams being the signature food of Pismo.
    They were excellent and cheap. It was just off the
    street leading to the pier, I can't think of the
    name--only about a block from the water.

    You will be in striking distance of everything from
    Arroyo Grande to Cayucos, including SLO. The SLO
    Saturday Farmer's Mkt is a good bet.


    1. d
      Dave Feldman


      It's been more than ten years since I've been there,
      but Jocko's in Nipoma used to be a fun steak-oriented
      roadhouse and I'd be shocked if it weren't still
      open. The attraction was steaks grilled outdoors.
      Reasonably priced. Not aged, prime meat, but tasty
      and very reasonable.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman
        Tom Armitage

        Thanks, Dave and George, for your suggestions. Dave,
        Jocko's in Nipomo is still going strong and, along with
        the two Hitching Post restaurants, is among the
        contenders for the "best" Santa Maria barbeque.
        George, I'll try to scout out the clam place in Pimso
        Beach. I love a good bucket of steamers. I've also
        heard from several sources that the farmers' market in
        SLO is a good one.

        1. re: Tom Armitage

          SLO farmers market IS pretty good but it's on Thursday
          evenings... the casual visitor can pick up great fresh
          and dried fruit and other travel snacks... many
          barbeque stands to choose from, but I wasn't too

          Santa Barbara has a nice small farmers market on
          Fridays... great flowers at cheap prices, perfect to
          spruce up your motel/hotel/b&b room!