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Pecan Pie Westchester?

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Im wondering if anyone knows where i can get a good pecan pie. I love pecan pie.

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  1. the best i have had (long time though) was from corky's mail order bbq, which fortunately the bbq was very good . possibly little pie company in nyc but bring your banker. may want to search best of boards, as i am sure it's been asked before. good luck

    1. Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua, grandma pies in Yorktown and Bedford pastry shop is also delicious

      1. Galloways in Scarsdale makes a terrific Pecan Pie. It is only opened Thursday-Sunday.

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          Grandma's has been disappointing as of late-- quality issues IMHO.
          I second Galloways though.
          And have been feeling a lot of love lately for the Neri's bakery outlet, recently redone, in Port Chester.

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          2. haven't tried susan lawrence for pecan pie, but their foods while pricey are delicious in general