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Feb 9, 2012 11:54 AM

Pecan Pie Westchester?

Im wondering if anyone knows where i can get a good pecan pie. I love pecan pie.

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  1. the best i have had (long time though) was from corky's mail order bbq, which fortunately the bbq was very good . possibly little pie company in nyc but bring your banker. may want to search best of boards, as i am sure it's been asked before. good luck

    1. Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua, grandma pies in Yorktown and Bedford pastry shop is also delicious

      1. Galloways in Scarsdale makes a terrific Pecan Pie. It is only opened Thursday-Sunday.

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        1. re: gbeats

          Grandma's has been disappointing as of late-- quality issues IMHO.
          I second Galloways though.
          And have been feeling a lot of love lately for the Neri's bakery outlet, recently redone, in Port Chester.

          1. haven't tried susan lawrence for pecan pie, but their foods while pricey are delicious in general