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Feb 9, 2012 11:30 AM

Mideastro location in Yorkville

Has anyone dined at the Yorkville location of Mideastro, located at 27 Yorkville Ave?

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  1. I have been twice, and really enjoyed both visits.

    I really like the lamb pizza, and other appetizers with their pickled-in-house vegetables. Falafel shrimp are tasty.

    I had the lamb kefta main. It's served in a metal pan, with a roof of baked bread. There are three very large kefta under the bread, simmering in a delicious mixture of eggplant, tomato, onions, and Moroccan spices. Really tasty. And it's unique. They are doing something that no one else in town does: fancy, creative, Middle-Eastern inspired cuisine.

    The service could not be friendlier.

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      Good to know. Thanks, Fwagra.

    2. I was there for a 'group' dinner. Food was competent, but the kitchen had difficulties getting food out for the group - so it was a LONG evening.

      Prices seemed fair, but I'd need to try on a 'regular' night before I can recommend.

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        Thanks, estufarian. Glad the food was competent.

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          A group of wine writers went at the end of January...The Food: it was really very stunning. Here was the Menu

          Canapes Served at the Bar with Reception wines:

          olive oil and garlic, tomato spread, tapenade – all with black olive bread.

          Canapés Served at the Table:

          mini babaganoush, hummus, matbuha, fried eggplant

          Served with black olive bread

          1st Course [excellent, best plate of the evening]

          Black truffle carpaccio

          12 week aged Wagyu tenderloin rolled on arugula, Parmiggiano Reggiano, balsamic and black truffle oil on a layer of pomegranate honey reduction

          2nd Course

          Grilled calamari

          Served on lime root vegetable cream and ox tail caviar lentil pot au feu

          Cranberry sorbet

          3rd Course

          4oz Sea-bream Couscous, Tripoli-style couscous


          8oz New York Steak [I was so full, I took half my steak home with me]

          On black truffle mashed potatoes, sea asparagus & baked bone marrow in balsamic & chestnut demi-glace

          4th Course

          Homemade pastilla

          Stuffed with dry fruit, dark chocolate ganache with coconut semifreddo and garnished with mint and white chocolate coulis.

          Good service...

      2. Just got an email from Dining Date Night about this restaurant. They are adding it to their list of participating restaurants. Basically, if you pay $10, you can get 30% off at the restaurant. They have some other great participating restaurants as well:

        Seems like a good deal if you intend on trying it out!

        1. Had lunch there yesterday and it was awesome. Get the Kufita (sp?)

          1. Was there earlier this year and absolutely loved it. Call me crazy but they have incredibly good gnocchi, definitely top 3 gnocchi in Toronto in my books.

            And the service is very good (but might be a matter of taste). The waiter I had was a very polite mild-mannered gentleman, very nice guy.