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Feb 9, 2012 11:29 AM

What are your favorite online wine websites? Where do you shop?

-The Wine Stop


-JJ Buckley

They all have competitive pricing and a great selection of all kinds of wine.

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  1. I don't like to buy wine online because of the high shipping cost and I don't know what I am buying unless I am already familiar with it. I rely mostly on local wine shops which also are a great place to do tasting. Because we have a limited number of shops I am beginning to explore shops in Orange County and L.A. which have many and I end up driving up there for other reasons anyway.

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    1. re: pantani

      Try The Wine Country in Signal Hill south of the Long Beach airport, if you haven't already.

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        You can pick up any wine ordered online at K&L's website with free shipping if you do will call at their Hollywood location. That's what I do. Sometimes I con't go for 1-2, even 3 months and just pick up my inventory whenever I get a chance (eg. just before going to dinner at LQ@SK on a Sunday night)

      2. I, too, *rarely* shop online for wine. When I do, it's usually from The Wine Exchange in Orange County ( Far more often, however I visit my local wine shops . . .

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          They must be some great wine shops if you buy most of your wine online. In Minneapolis we have one great wine shop (one of the best in the nation when they have a sale) but nothing else is great.

          I also buy from a small private client based source that has the best prices I have ever seen on Bordeaux and Burgundy based of course in California.

          1. re: wineglas1

            Was this to me???

            You wrote: "They must be some great wine shops if you buy most of your wine online."

            But I specifically said that "I ***RARELY*** shop online from wine" (emphasis added). I'm confused . . . .

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              My bad. I meant to say I am impressed with your local wine shops if there is no need to shop online. I find in the midwest very few shops of greatness and need to seek other options outside of the region West Coast/East Coast. I never like to pay top dollar when I can get wine far cheaper by searching around.

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                Well, keep in mind I live in Berkeley, California, so stores like Kermit Lynch, North Berkeley, Wine Club, the Wine House, D&M, and K&L are all quite easy to get to. (Indeed, Kermit is just under a mile from my house; North Berkeley is just over a mile.) Even so, most of my wines are purchased from smaller stores like Paul Marcus Wines, Vintage Berkeley, Solano Wine Cellars -- all within 5 miles of my house.

                The Wine Club, Wine House, D&M, and K&L all require a drive across the Bridge to San Francisco . . .

        2. Wine Library and their shipping rates are pretty reasonable -- at least in NJ.

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          1. re: ChefJune

            I think Zins advice is very sound.

            North Berkeley is great for its collection of Burgundies. D+M in San Francisco is superb for hard to find small makers of French Champagne.

            In Wine Country, I have 3 favorites, all of whom specialize in new, small producers (eg total production of < 100 cases) in Napa/Sonoma: ACME Fine Wines and 750 Wines in St Helena and Back Room Wines in Napa. I'm in wine clubs in all 3 where they let you specify your price preference and flavor profile. They then fill your order with their "hidden gems.". Very fun way to learn about emerging winemakers!

            Have fun.

            1. re: skaboy

              I second that. I've been a customer for many years and never disappointed with their shipments. (Caveat: They donate a case of wine to my charity's silent auction.) True, selections are limited and if you "need" a special wine in a hurry, they are not the place to go. For me no shipping costs and no tax (to NYS) also helps. I do "check out" each wine I want to purchase by checking their price v other places via wine searcher and checking out the taster comments.

            2. I can thank the following for riches of the cellar and an empty wallet...

              Selection Massale
              Chambers St
              Rare Wine Co
              Woodland Hills Wine Co