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Feb 9, 2012 09:49 AM

Where is the best cannoli in Monmouth County?

Need to pick up a dozen next week - any cannoli experts out there? Alfonso's in Staten Island is my yardstick for measuring a good cannoli, but too far to drive just for pastry. Thanks...

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  1. I would say head to SI and better than Alfonso's, which is really good head to Renato's on Forest Ave.

    But since that is a bit of a hike, I suggest Amici Bakery next to the Bella Italia Pork Store in Monroe. Address is 477 Spotswood Englishtown # 8 Monroe Twp.

    I also think La Dolce makes a very good cannoli located in Old Bridge next to Ciccones Deli at 3141 U.S. 9 Old Bridge Township, NJ (732) 679-5123

    My new favorite pork store is Livottis in Aberdeen. The fresh mozzarella is usually still warm when you buy it on the weekend. I only mention them because they recently added a bakery. I haven't tried it yet, but if I were a betting man I would think it is the best of three I mentioned.

    That is the "Best" that I know of it but still not as good as SI or Brooklyn.

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      That reminds me, I have to go to Livoti's for some fresh mozz over the weekend. While I'm there, I will TOFTT & pick up a cannoli & let you know how it is. I bought a couple of their mini-croissants which were pretty good.

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        angelo04, thank you for the heads up on Livotti's. I made my first visit today. WOW. Left with fresh dates, beautiful short ribs, a deal of the day on breadcrumbs and a number of fresh deli items (including the fresh mozz-and it was warm!) along with a huge sandwich for lunch. Left about $60.00 lighter and found the prices to be half that of Dearborn Farms and very friendly folk. I took a very quick look-see at the bakery and noted some lovely individual mousse desserts, breads and pastries that my dh would love. As they say, "I'll be back!"

        1. re: HillJ

          Glad you liked it. Not to get off topic from the OP, but I also love their meat. Picked up some beautiful rib eye steaks. 4 for roughly $15. I love Wegmans rib eyes but they tend to be twice as thick and more than double the price. I really don't need to regularily eat a steak that thick. So Livolatis rib eyes are perfect for our bi-weekly steak night. I will get Wegmans for the more special and more indulgent occasions.

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            I nabbed the last two large packs of short ribs for $5.00 each. Their meat dept is on my list for grilling season! Wegman's has plenty of pluses, Livoti's is a nice *new* find for my shopping rotation. And that homemade mozz is divine!

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              On topic, have you tried Livoti's cannoli?

              1. re: HillJ

                Not yet, I was too stuufed after inhaling a,pie at Deninos and then popping in for some groceries. It is on the short list though. Certainly will by next weekend.

                1. re: angelo04

                  Today we gave Livoti's bakery a try. We found the mini triple mousse bland and uninteresting and the banana cream roll overly oily. The Italian bread was midway to stale (I used it for breadcrumbs). So unfortunately about $10.00 later underwhelmed by the bakery side.

                  1. re: HillJ

                    What a disappointment. I will stick with the fresh mozz.

        2. LaRosa's Italian Bakery in Shrewsbury
          Ferrucci's in Little Silver

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            Caputos Pasterie shop in Long Branch is pretty good.

          2. Thanks everyone for some great suggestions! After sampling these places and putting on a few pounds I'm sure to find the best cannoli in Monmouth County. :-)

            1. I Like Caputo's in Long Branch also, BUT only for cannolis. I've been disappointed with some of their other selections, especially the cookies.

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              1. re: cke25

                Caputo's has been our local standby for many years than I care to comment.

                Of late, I've found DelPonte's in Bradley Beach to be good as well - just a bit easier to get to than having to travel 100' and sit at a light and another traffic light, and another traffic lights as one tries to get to Ursula Plaza through Pier Village area of Ocean Ave.. .

              2. Just tried Delponte's which was decent and Caputo's which was excellent, nearly as good as my Staten Island favorite. Thanks again all ...