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Feb 9, 2012 09:40 AM

Seeking input on some options - Sustain v Yardbird and some others - With thanks!

Dear Miami - Ft. Lauderdale Board -

I will be coming down to Miami for 3 nights with 2 friends soon. Last year our favorite dining choice was Sugarcane. This year I am considering:

Sustain and/or Yardbird as our "Miami" place (in my mind this means it is not an outpost of a restaurant that I can eat at elsewhere).

In the past, I have also eaten at Michael's Genuine.

We will be down on a Sat, Sun and Mon night and we do like to be in a lively environment. Although I know there are mix feelings on actual food quality, we did have fun at Prime 112 last year as a kick off on our first night.

Is it advisable to eat at a more local place on Saturday and then save a hotel option, such as Hakkasan (which is know is an outpost, but I have no immediate plans to be in London!) for Sunday or Monday? Any input is greatly appreciated?

I have also had Michy's on my list for many years - do I put that back on?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi aml

    I'm a fan of both options, although each place has some detractors. For some the bar at Yardbird leaves a lot to be desired and for others the food at Sustain. Both offer fairly hearty (heavy?) food - ie you shouldn't leave hungry.

    If you want to toss it to livelier environment, I would choose Yardbird. The place gets slammed and it's just off Lincoln Road. Sustain is part of the thriving midtown area and is actually in the same block as Sugarcane.

    As for what to do your first night...I think you'll want to pick whatever is most convenient to your hotel. They will all be packed, although Sustain will probably be the best honoring your reservation time.

    1. Hakkasan is coming to NY this year btw. You should have lunch at hakkasan saturday or sunday as it is less expensive and I prefer the saturday and sunday Dim Sum lunch menu to their regular dinner menu.

      I prefer Michy's to either Yardbird or Sustain. I think I would give Sustain the edge over yardbird but yardbird is more lively.

      1. I appreciate your thoughts! Thanks so much.

        1. I prefer the food at Sustain to Yardbird but there are good dishes to be had at both. Sustain may be a little more "Miami," Yardbird's Southern theme really isn't a Miami thing. Yardbird is more "lively" than Sustain, constantly busy and bustling, Sustain has a more peaceful atmosphere.

          If you want to do Hakkasan I'd do it for a weekend lunch when they have the dim sum menu.

          Michy's is still great and esp. if you've never been is worth a visit.

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            Listen to the sage that is......"Frodnesor"

            Ft. Pierce, FL

          2. I woudl do Sustain over Yardbird. Food prep @ Yardbird is good but you gotta love southern fried food to like YB. Sustain has more to offer everyone-- & the food is decent but does not knock my socks off. If you want an unforgettable meal definitely go to Michy's (if you are choosing between the Sustain & Michy's). Other recommendations: The Federal (just opened on 50th & Biscayne- amazing food, amazing vibe); for a hotel restaurant-- I love Scarpetta (in Fountainblue), 1500 Degrees (Eden Roc), &/or Azul (The Mandarin in Key Biscayne)....

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            1. re: hab

              Both are good choices. Yardbird is located near Lincoln road and will give you the chance to stroll around before and after dinner and is one of the best peoplewatching spots in S. Fla. Peoplewatching in midtown is just OK. If it's about the food though, I really would suggest you try Sustain. It is excellent and at it's best right now. We are at the peak of our growing season down here and Sustain's emphasis on locally sourced produce will give you an opportunity to see how good "South Florida Grown" can be.

              1. re: kennyr

                one of the most down to earth restaurants we have found in south beach. loved all our orders each time! fun atmosphere
                michys and michaels always great