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Feb 9, 2012 09:33 AM

Another beef-for-treif recipe substitution question

Old recipe and maybe covered elsewhere on this board, but do we think beef ribs would sub in well for the pork spare ribs for this Bitman recipe? And, if not, any other options? I recently smoked some lamb ribs, and they'd probably sub in really nicely, but they're difficult to find.

For a Smoky Taste in Oven Ribs

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  1. I have made this recipe using Veal Ribs. I buy the breast of Veal and slice the Ribs myself. It is much cheaper than buying veal ribs and leaves more meat on the bone. The fat renders in the cooking. I think you may find that beef ribs are a bit too chewy.

    I find that lamb ribs are far too small for this and you end up with almost all bone and no meat.


    1. I have always used full racks of beef ribs as a sub pork ribs particularly when they are smoked

      1. definitely go with beef ribs for this recipe, over veal ribs.