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Jan 17, 1999 11:35 AM

San Diego Eats

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Any suggestions for good eats in San Diego. We are
looking for full dinners to great taco stands. Thanks

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  1. Rubio's fish tacos are worth trying especially the
    "pesky Especial". Old town Mexican cafe for their
    carnitas (soft tacos, make sure you use lime on either
    of the above)

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    1. re: J.Geer

      For "full dinners" you might want to check out Laurel
      at 5th & Laurel (TEL 619 239-2222). It's essentially
      Mediterranean/New California cuisine, with same
      ownership as Wine Sellar & Brasserie, north of San
      Diego. The latter is certainly worth a detour if
      you're adventurous, but I guess you wouldn't be on
      Chowhound if you weren't. The place combines a great
      wine store downstairs with an upstairs restaurant. The
      phone number is 619 450-9576. The food is phenomenal.
      If you go, call for directions, because it's tricky