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Feb 9, 2012 07:56 AM

Atlanta for one day - lunch in Buckhead area

Hi there-
I am visiting Atlanta for business and have tomorrow (Friday afternoon) to myself. I am looking for a place for lunch in the Buckhead area. I am staying at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, so somewhere not too far, as I have no car, and have never been to the city. I like asian, spanish, italian - pretty much anything but heavy french. And I am visiting from the Northeast, so if there is anywhere to sit outside even better. Relaxed is better than not. Moderately priced is good. Festive is even better. Can you help a Chohound-er out?

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  1. Keep in mind that many Buckhead options, including restaurants that routinely appear on "best of" lists, are on the posh side. It sounds like you're trying to avoid posh and go for more fun. With that in mind, here are some choices to consider:

    -Buckhead Diner (walkable from your hotel), not a diner in the sense you're thinking of...quite a bit fancier than that, and usually festive

    -Eclipse de Luna (a GOOD walk from your hotel but doable if you're up for it) - tapas and very lively in the evening...have never been there for lunch though

    -Horseradish Grill or Blue Ridge Grill (a short cab ride) - good examples of New South cooking...might be stuffier and clubbier atmosphere than you're seeking...

    -OK Cafe (a short cab ride) - if you want down home but approachable southern food, consider this option...always a lively atmosphere

    None of these are sitting outside options. If that's crucial, you might try Twist, in front of Phipps Plaza shopping center (another GOOD walk or very short cab ride).

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      great suggestions--im a big time Buckhead Diner fan(its not really a diner,waiters wear tux's)--my fav there is the snapper sandwich, and theyre veal meat loaf is to die for--decent wines too--and pricing is reasonable

      1. re: krwolffman

        We will be in the Smyrna area for one night and are looking for good food in a somewhat casual atmosphere. Both the Horseradish Grill and the Blue Ridge Grill look good. However, I always get nervous when I see an online menu without prices. Is the Blue Ridge comparable to the Horseradish Grill?

        Would the Buckhead Diner be comparable in dining experience to the two above?

        How much of a drive is it from Smyrna to Buckhead?

        Are there places in Smyrna comparable to the Horseradish or Blue Ridge Grill?

        And, why, why, do I keep wanting to put the y before the m in Smyrna?

        Thank you in advance, rlc

        1. re: rlcole4346

          Check out South City Kitchen and/or Muss and Turners.

              1. re: krwolffman

                I like the look of Muss and Turners. However, we are in town only on May 4. Their web site indicates they may not be open. Do you know anything about their schedule? Thanks

                1. re: rlcole4346

                  They are in the middle of renovations, so they may still be closed.
                  That's a bummer.
                  Try their other restaurant Local Three....not that far from Smyrna, depending on where you are.

      2. I love the spots suggested, well except OK Cafe, which is good, but not good enough. I'm still a sucker for Buckhead Diner but no where to sit outside. Horseraddish Grill is great and beautiful garden seating with southern food. Eclipse de Luna is more of an evening spot and its hip and crowded, more about the scene although the food is great, but no way is it walkable from the Grand Hyatt. Bistro Nikko is in walking distance and has an outside area. Enjoy your afternoon!

        1. I would go to Anis Bistro. They have a gorgeous patio and a great lunch menu. It's a bungalow turned into a restaurant--cozy, quaint, with good food and wine. Quick cab ride from your hotel.

          I also like Eclipse di Luna--great tapas and fun atmosphere. Love the sangria.

          I would consider both options festive--Eclipse di Luna more so.