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Jan 9, 1999 02:47 PM


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I'm going to Carmel in a couple of weeks, and sure
would like some new ideas about where to eat in the
general Carmel/Carmel Valley/Monterey area. I've been
to Rio Grill, Casanova, and Sans Souci, along with
a number of forgettable places. Has anyone been to
Pacific's Edge at The Highlands Inn? What about Caffe
Napoli? California Thai? I do remember with some
affection a very simple fish house in Monterey (NOT on
Cannery Row, but off of one of the main drags
inland)--a plastic tablecloth place with good grilled
octopus. Suggestions of places similar to this will be
especially appreciated.

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    stephen kaye

    eat at the highlands 4 sure, for sunsets if possible. what about rocky point??

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    1. re: stephen kaye
      jane maranghi

      Nothing in Carmel that I can think of qualifies for
      chowhounds. It is a strictly yuppie tourist trap.
      Plenty of expensive and pretentious places.

      Pacific Grove, nearby, used to be a real town, and I
      like the branch of Fishwife there, and the Korean
      restaurant nearby (if it's still there).

      For ethnic places, try Salinas, Watsonville, Santa


      1. re: stephen kaye

        I am looking for information on the railroad that used
        to run through monterey. If you could help me find web

      2. m
        Mark Sinclair

        I recommend Caffe Napoli very much. The food is
        fantastic. It's almost always packed and you may have
        to wait on weekends. I may be mixed up, but I think the
        owner, Pepe, also runs a very good bakery whose name
        slips my mind.

        Also, you might want to look at http:// for other ideas. I can't say any of
        the restaurants on the site are outstanding, but
        they're all good and I did their website for them when
        I lived in Carmel.


        1. Tom, If you're not thinking of the Whaling Station Inn
          in Monterey, you should be. It's one of Chef John
          Pisto's excellent restaurants. In addition to all of
          the fish dishes, try anything with wild mushrooms in
          it. Also, if they still have a bottle of Cedar
          Mountain Cabarnet (from Livermore Valley, believe it or
          not) you should try that. And please give my regards
          to Mr. Pisto and his wife.

          1. I highly suggest the following restaurants in our area:
            Fusion cuisine/fabulous food to tantalize your tastebuds/fantastic ocean view: Roy's - The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach.
            Pacific's Edge - French-California cuisine, fantastic ocean views, known for its fabulous cuisine - Highland's Inn, Carmel Highlands.
            Montrio - downtown Monterey- Creative Cal cuisine, very well known, your palate will be pleased.
            Tarpy's - Monterey/Salinas Highway (near the airport) - California Cuisine, consistantly good, beautiful area.
            Rio Grill - Same as Tarpy's - located at the Crossroads Shopping Center at the mouth of Carmel Valley (just south of Carmel).
            Adobe Inn - same description as Tarpy's et al. Location - downtown Monterey.
            Was the little seafood restaurant you spoke of called Seafood harvest?