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Feb 9, 2012 06:50 AM

Good Food in the Distillery District?

Coming in to town tomorrow night and need good pub eats for supper. We're walking to a nearby music venue afterwards, which is why we've chosen the district.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not exactly the Distillery District but have you considered Beer Bistro at King and Yonge, about 15 minutes walk away? There are two other pubs serving interesting beer in the neighbourhood, Mill Street right in the District and C'est What on Front, but you might be disappointed with the food at those.

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    1. re: Frids

      Ah! I should mention that I'm coming in from Montreal, and am a regular on our board. I'm not looking at all for a huge gastronomic experience...more of a good pub grub run with some good beer if possible.

      Thanks for the suggestions...we planned to go to Mill St. but it's closed for renovations until at least next week. Hence this post :)

    2. Which music venue? We may now places nearby.

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      1. re: JennaBean

        Sound Academy, and we're staying right near the Eaton Center, so anywhere in between will be considered :)

        1. re: davidpg

          Well if that's the case the Beer Bistro would be an aok stop. C'est What on Front is on your way, Betty's is as well but the food there is ok at best. There is nothing close to the Sound Academy. It is a bit of a wasteland down there. I hate trying to get a taxi out of there after a show.

          1. re: JennaBean

            Checked out the places mentioned and it looks like C'ect What is gonna be the winner.

            I'll follow up after I get back.


      2. So finally, we decided to forgo ant culinary experience in Toronto and ate at Popeye's chicken while walking down to our venue.

        After the show, we did end up at Betty's and had beer and burgers and onion place (for Toronto... ;) ).

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          well i actually think popeye's makes some pretty fine fried chicken. i prefer it to the fried chicken at most fancy restaurants, including the stockyards and c5. however, my favorite is church's fried chicken, a small chain w/an outlet up on st clair and i think dufferin.