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Dec 29, 1998 11:00 PM

Maria's Taco Shop--Modesto, CA

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Well, hey, I DO like Mexican food, and Maria's is the
genuine article. This is a very busy spot, near the
Freeway (Hwy 99, on Orangeburg Ave. at the Briggsmore

Great food and gennerous portions. A burrito will feed
a very hungry person or 2 moderately hungry. Located
in an old Taco Bell bldg (hooray for reuse/upgrade!)

Full menu of Tortas, Tacos, Burritos, Mariscos,
Combination plates, etc, etc. The chile verde burrito,
which I had yesterday for lunch, is divine. I also
recommend the flautas (though I think they're even
better at La Fiesta on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley).

There are a half-dozen of these between Fresno &
Modesto, but they manage to make the local one feel
like a local--no chain feel.

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  1. Maria's is good but, the guac on the rolled tacos is
    terrible. Way too much sour cream with a hint of
    avocado waved over it. If they used more avocados and
    just a hint or no sour cream at all. They would rival
    the best in San Diego and L.A. Excellent hot sauce

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    1. re: J.Geer

      The trick is to ask for Mexican guacamole. the
      "American guacamole" is exactly as you describe it.
      BTW, I ordered guacamole & chips today at La Taquiza
      downtown and was rewarded with a huge bowl--must have
      been around 12 oz. of a succulent mix with no sour
      cream--yum! (2 of us couldn't finish it!)