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Feb 9, 2012 04:42 AM

Stock Pot

I'm looking for a place to buy a stock pot at a good price.

Does someone know an affordable place.

I dont want to go at Ares, it's so expensive.


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  1. What about Monas (parc. ave.) ?

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    1. re: Maximilien

      +1 on Mona's. They have pots in all sizes imaginable.

      But, I would check Winner's first. Everynow and then they get good pots and pans for really cheap prices. Let me restate that. They always have cheap(er) pots and pans, but every now and then they have ones that are a great deal.

    2. Did you check out Chuck Hugh's go to restaurant supply store (its on another thread...)?
      Monas on Parc (likely the easiest and most accessible).
      Empire Crockery will have plenty, but likely more expensive.
      I've never been, but Depr├ęs Laporte has lotsa stuff.

      1. I got a cheap one ($25) at the shop on St-Laurent, Nino La Cuisiniere, near Pins. It's very big, stainless steel or at least coated with stainless. It could hold two chicken carcasses easily. Some other shopper tried to discourage me from buying it because it was so cheap and he was trying to fry in it and stuff was sticking but for making stock I find it just fine.

          1. re: hungryann

            Thanks to all for those great suggestions!

            I finally got one at Cosco last nite. All stainless, with a heavy stainless bottom for 35$.

            But i'll probably go to Monas this w-e to check their other items.

            1. re: Kinyo

              Yeah, it's fun to go at Monas to see those pots. Some are large enough to give a large dog a good bath!

              1. re: TheSnowpea

                I thought the "Would You Eat a Dog" thread was settling down and here you go, rekindling it! {;-/)

                1. re: porker

                  :SNERK: I must go discover this wonder thread!

          2. Dante street in little italy. Forgot the name but its owned by Elena Faitas and its a block away from pizza napoleatane

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            1. re: McAttack

              That would be Quincaillerie Dante