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Feb 8, 2012 08:38 PM

Deep Fried Pickles ISO

Im searching for the best Deep Fried Pickles in the GTA.
So far Ive had them at Frescos Fish and chips, Caplanskys, and The Firkin on King. On Friday I will try them at Buffalo Wings (Mississauga) as well as St. Louis.
Anywhere else I should eat them?

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  1. Lakeview has them on their 24hr menu.

    I have had them there and at St. Louis, however I didn't find either to impressive.

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    1. hooters :)

      (what? it was the closest place to my house showing the UFC last week, lol)

      This is the only place Ive had them. They were ok, nothing special.

      1. Wild Wings has pretty good ones, and you can get them with dill dip.

        1. look at your previous post for the answer

          1. Dave and Buster's has them.