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Feb 8, 2012 07:40 PM

Mystery place at Dundas West & High Park

There has been a place on Dundas right where High Park Ave end that has sat vacant for as long as I can remember, but recently there has been some activity.

Anyone know what is happening there?

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  1. What is beside it? Trying to place it

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    1. re: bustercat628

      It is just west of Vesuvio's on the North side of Dundas. It is literally at the end of High Park ave.

      If you were to stand on Dundas, with your back to the store, you would be staring straight down High Park.

      1. re: Lazar

        I know exactly where you're talking about Lazar, but I'm not sure what's will come of the premises. I do however know a few local business owners and will try to find out for you.

        1. re: Kellz

          Thank you Kellz, you are a gentleman/gentlewoman and scholar

          (sorry, I am trying very hard not to offend)

    2. Are you referring to the building on the north side?

      1. Are you talking about 3030 Dundas West - with the big roll up glass garage door? If so its going to be a bar/resto. The owner, it begins with a J, has finished the kitchen and interior - i think he's waiting on inspections. I saw the inside a few months ago - its really big (for the Junction) and has a stage at the back.

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        1. re: Shorttyred

          Yes, that is the place. But nothing specific about the kind of place it will be or what it will be offering? What about when they plan on opening?

          Sorry, but curiousity has really gotten the better of me on this one.

        2. I did speak to him about the menu, but that was months ago and i remember that it sounded rather ambitious to me. (local, changing daily). I think it will end up as more of a bar, in particular with the stage and the lack of tables. He said he's looking at the end of feb as an opening but, not to be critical, i think he was aiming for september.

          1. Hello,

            We posted a sign on the site below to let everyone know what is happening. The menu will change a bit with the season, as will the draft list and plenty of seating. Thanks for the interest.


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            1. re: 3030DundasW

              I saw some recent activity the other day (balloons and such) are you guys open?

              1. re: Lazar

                Yes, we finally got the doors open on Wednesday. Thank you.