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Feb 8, 2012 07:31 PM

Casino Rama and Orillia area?

Going to a concert at Casino Rama which starts at 9pm on a Saturday night.
We're planning to go a couple of hours early and grab something to eat, either at the Casino or in the nearby area.
The concert will be casual, so we're not looking for fine-dining restaurants, but at least something better than say Wild Wing or fast food places.
Any recommendations?

Did a board search, and the last thread was from 2006, so I'm assuming that things might have changed or they might be more choices now (hopefully)?

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  1. I have some advice. I went there two weeks ago and 'thought' the same thing. The show we went to started at 9. We got to the casino at 7:15. Every restaurant there had a minimum of 1+ hour wait to be seated. (the parking lot was no more then 1/3 full as well) I'm not sure if this is normal.. or just bad timing on our part.
    Needless to say, we where disappointed. We ended up grabbing a sandwich at a take out/express counter and sitting on the floor to eat it (there was no where to even sit!!)
    While the show was good.. after the experience we had (there was other things) we will never go back for Casino Rama.

    My suggestion would be to call and see if you can get a reservation (though, not sure they take them or not) or go elsewhere.
    We did eat at one casual one after the show as its open 24 hours and it was just your started menu (burgers, chicken strips..etc) I 'think' it was 'The Weirs' Restaurant. I can't comment on any of the others restaurants.. but the website list them all and we would have tried if we could have gotten a seat.

    As for attire, most people where dressed casual so I don't think it matters what you where to any of the restaurants.

    If you are to go elsewhere. We ate at two restaurants in Orillia during our stay and both where descent.

    Era67 we went to for lunch and it was really good. (wish we had of went for dinner)
    Sixteen Front we went for dinner, it was Barrielicious so we got 3 course for $25.. which was decent. I assume there regular menu food would be better.

    Both are probably your best bet in the area.

    1. I'm quite familiar with Casino Rama, so here is a rundown of the different eateries that they have which are quite limited compared to say Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls and the surrounding area.

      Like Kassi22 mentioned on a Saturday night with a concert, the minimum wait time will be most likely an hour for most of the restaurants, so if you can, try to book a reservation.

      St.Germain's Steakhouse: this is their high end steakhouse and it's a little bit upscale. The steaks are definitely above average here. On a concert night, the wait time will be at least 1 hour.

      Lombardi's: Nice Italian restaurant with reasonable pricing.

      Weir's: Is the place that your probably looking for based off your requirements, good food and a relaxed dining atmosphere with reasonable pricing. Open 24 hours and located inside next to the Casino Rama hotel in the front. Service can be a little slow, so remember to factor that in.

      Couchiching Court: Is Casino Rama's Canadian buffet, food is average at best, expect a super long line-up.

      The Willow: Is Casino Rama's asian buffet, not too impressive and super oily.

      The Noodle Bar: Is a small place with a counter and a some stools where people go to have a quick bowl of asian noodles whether it be beef brisket with noodles or wonton with noodles and a list of other. All bowls of noodles are under $10.

      Dream Catcher Sports Bar: Probably not what your looking for, expect burgers, wings and other related bar food.

      Cedar's: Small place that offers sandwiches and some basic comfort food.

      As I mentioned earlier your best bet based off what you are looking for is Weir's restaurant.