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Feb 8, 2012 07:22 PM

downtown and Burbaby, Vancouver

My wife's last assignment too her to Victoria, where we visited Veneto, at the Rialto Hotel for lovely cocktails and fabulous small plates.
Starting tomorrow, she'll be working Downtown, in the Fairview neighborhood, on West Broadway, and looking for breakfast, good coffee, lunch, and dinner. Likely she'll be staying in Burnaby, where dinner is most likely.
All advice is appreciated.
We're not looking for fine dining, so much (except when I visit), but just daily chow a few notches above the chaIns, with a few special places.
The map shows Portobello, Wicked Cafe, Raja, Tojo, Wimaan, Joey, Boston Pizza, Lin, and we've seen Giovane, Scuie, and Finch's mentioned favorably here...
Thanks for your advice

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  1. No better place in Burnaby than Anatolia's Gate-not fine dining more like a diner/special place/ethnic gem.

    The hood your spouse is working in heaves with options- hunker down on the prole backed benches @ Menya

    OK well they're not really benches just tree trunks but you get my meaning.

    1. I've only mentioned Giovane, Scuie and Finch's because they were within walking distance from the Convention centre which is quite a distance from where you will be.

      Fairview isn't really downtown (it is across False Creek form the peninsula). Like Sam said, there are a number of options there. For great coffee (some of the best in Vancouver) go to Elysian Room (Broadway near Cambie). Wicked is also good. Lin is hit or miss depending on what you order....and its service is famously comical. Tojo is pricey, but some people swear by his sushi. I would pass on all the others you mentioned.

      Rangoli (Vij's casual sister restaurant) has some decent fare. You might want to try Cru which do small plates very well. If you are feeling spendy, West is on the radar on Granville St , south of Broadway. Peaceful serves some good "Mandarin" Chinese food over near Cambie. Also in the area is La Taqueria which serves perhaps the most authentic tacos in town.

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        Agree with fmed that Elysian is by far your best coffee bet in Fairview, and we're talking about the one on Broadway near Cambie just to be clear (there are two). I like Wicked but it is a bit of a hump from Fairview proper and IMO not as good as Elysian, where you will get wonderful espresso based drinks with a glass of *free* carbonated water! Also agree you should skip the other places you mentioned with the exception of Lin's and then only for an order each of the xlb, nothing else. I work a block from there and you're gonna just have to trust me on that :-).

        Wimaan can be good for dinner if you order really carefully but still not great (Thai is weak here generally). I've never been for lunch.

        For noodles, fmed's Peaceful recco is good, again on Broadway near Cambie (there is another downtown) but do your homework as the menu is very large and there are some frogs. Also it's been pretty busy lately since it was featured on a Food Network show. Tang Dynasty just opened down the block and shows some promise after one visit.

        La Taqueria has many fans (I am not one of them and don't find it very authentic, though that is surely a loaded word) but it is casual and relatively inexpensive (the one just off Broadway on Cambie, again one of two in town). Saravanaa Bhavan does a very decent veg lunch buffet that is a great value.

        I can't think of anything worthwhile for breakfast around there except maybe Paul's Place if you are okay going a bit out of Fairview Slopes. It is on Granville at about 5th IIRC. There's a few places worth considering around Main and Broadway but that is a bit outside of Fairview going the other way (east) and prolly too far for lunch. Also a great coffee place there, Kafka's, if you do end up casting a wider net.

        I had lunch at Suika yesterday and was surprised at how good it was (much better than my three dinners there have been) and how crowded the resto was. It is west of Granville by a block or so on Broadway. Try the portabello mushroom set.

        Finally, though some may scoff, I don't mind the bun at Taste of Vietnam.

        1. re: grayelf

          Just to clarify, Grayelf's reference to bun at Taste of Vietnam is BĂșn (rice vermicelli bowl):

          Good breakfast selections (self-serve) can be found at Whole Foods on Cambie/8 Ave. Fresh & quality goods can be found in the bakery and deli, as well as over by the coffee/gelato bar.

          Marulilu Cafe at the NE corner of Cambie & Broadway does an interesting selection of western brekkies and Japanese-style brekkies.

          The Edge Cafe (Yukon St, one block east of Cambie, btwn Broadway & 8 Ave) does very good light meals of brekkies and lunches. Casual cafeteria style but good food nevertheless:

          1. re: grayelf

            I had an excellent dinner at Suika last night actually. Much better than my previous visits as well.

          2. re: fmed

            Thank you for these refinements.

            1. re: mrnelso

              The boss took a bunch of people out to Joey's. Chainy, but good moussaka and chapati.