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Ideas for using duck prosciutto?

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So I went a little overboard in my excitement about the glorious duck prosciutto at my local gourmet store and bought 1/4 lb., which works out to around 50 slices. It is also infused with a hint of rosemary - not too strong, but could clash with some flavors.

I'm planning to use it in a pressed sandwich and just draped on bread with fig/onion jam. Rather than just generically subbing it for the pork version, does anyone have some suggestions to highlight the ducky goodness for the remainder?

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  1. Personally, I love prosciutto on pizza and see no reason why duck prosciutto wouldn't work well. I'd avoid using a tomato sauce and do a simple olive oil & garlic "sauce", some onion, prosciutto and I can easily see kale going well with duck on a pizza like that.

    If you're in a part of the country where good ripe cantaloupes are available, you can never go wrong with prosciutto with ripe sweet melon. Ever.

    1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

      Sticking with mbCrispyBits pizza idea, I recently did a pizza with prosciutto and shaved asparagus. I did use a olive oil/garlic sauce, like they suggest. I also kept the cheese so incredibly light. It is just not needed at all on that pizza. I totally second using this on pizza.

      Also, maybe lightly toast it and serve it crunched up on a roasted butternut squash? That sounds really tasty to me.

      Or maybe in a light soup? Something with lots of broth and a small amount of ingredients.

      Really with prosciutto the possibilities are endless.

      1. You can make something similar to carpaccio, just lay the slices on a plate, cover with a little arugula, citrus works well with it so a few sections of orange and then a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic reduction or vinegar, a nice thick balsamic reduction really works well with it to, but vinegar would probably work in a pinch, shaved pecorino or parm on top is nice too.

        1. Duck and port love each other. Maybe make a port reduction and drzzle that over the fig and onion jam (which also makes for a killer pizza, by the way, with gorgonzola crumbles).

          1. I have a Macaroni & Cheese cookbook with a recipe for M&C with duck prosciutto. I've never found the ingredient, so I haven't tried it out, but that would be the first thing on my mind if I encountered the stuff!

            1. The mac 'n cheese idea is great.
              Another easy way is to cut a few slices up into bits and toss them into a pan with some pasta (like farfalle or even broad egg noodles) and butter. If you want to get fancy, throw in some spinach and garbanzo beans.
              A sprinkle of grated cheese to finish, and it is a tasty and simple treat.

              1. I love prosciutto in appetizers, and although I've never had the duck version, I imagine you could do lots of small plate things with it, esp. with the rosemary flavor.

                This is pretty involved, but you could simplify it by just doing variations on the prosciutto and figs idea.