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Feb 8, 2012 06:11 PM

Restaurant in Wesley Chapel area of Tampa

Traveling to this area next week and will be looking for a nice dinner on a Friday night. We love local restaurants, not chains, doesn't have to be inexpensive, just worth the money. Nice wine list would be a plus. Any ideas.

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  1. I have not been yet but have heard good things about Pearl in the Grove in Dade City.

    1. Yeah, the Pearl, up in Dade City, is good. My wife and her girlfriends eat there at least twice a month.

      Pagelli's on Bruce B Downs and 56 is a solid choice for the Wesley Chapel area.

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      1. re: deet13

        Wasn't Pagelli the Italian place at Wiregrass? If so, it's now Ciao! Bistro. Different name, same chef (Justin Fleming). Same owners, too, I think. I'm not sure why the name was changed.

        We(party of 6) ate there shortly after the re-vamp and were less than impressed by many of the entrees. Apps were better received, and easy enough to make a meal of them.

        1. re: DuffyH

          Yeah, it's Ciao Bistro now.

          I saw they had changed when I met a few buddies of mine up at the Brass Tap last year.

          Oh, and I agree that the entrees were so-so. IMO, go for appetizers and a couple of drinks.

      2. Pearl in the grove is a great little place. It is in Dade City a little north of Wesley Chapel. The owner seems to love food and the process of preparing it well. The location is an old building in an orange grove that has a relaxed bistro feel. Great for trying locally grown Southern Florida style dishes.

        1. One unique restaurant that has some creative casual and fine dining options is City Grill in Wesley Chapel. It is not a chain. They have a lot of "one of a kind" recipes and a chef who really knows what he's doing. Definitely worth a try.

          1. For steaks, try Dempsey's at Saddlebrook in Wesley Chapel.