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Feb 8, 2012 05:59 PM

Caterer recommendations for hubby's 40th in Mamaroneck, NY

We are having an Oscar-night theme party for my husband's 40th birthday toward the end of March 2012 (yes, right around the corner - yikes!). We are expecting around 40 - 50 people, international crowd who appreciate good food and wine/drinks. We were hoping to find a great caterer with creative apps and dishes for our theme and reasonably priced. If they could make a theme birthday cake that would be a bonus! Thanks for your suggestions chowhounds!

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  1. I have used Silver Spoon Caterers for home parties with good results.

    1. susan lawrence in chappaqua has wonderful but pricey food and does quite a bit of cate they (naturally) have a website -

      1. stay local and look into roasted peppers on Mamk Ave to do the food at your place & then get a great tres leches cake from the panaderia down the street from them! my office did a super bowl party for 75 guests and both places were well priced and super tasty.

        1. Corner Stone Catering in Rye on Milton Rd. LOVE them!

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            forgot about cornerstone. they do great tasting cakes also. bit pricey though.

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              Thanks for all your suggestions, I'll definitely check them out and let you know!