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Feb 8, 2012 05:22 PM

Anyone tried the Jack in the Box "porky dairy treat" - the vegetarian bacon shake?

It looks like the creepy advertising and food that was the hallmark of Burger King is now at Jack in the Box ... Jack ... I beg you ... go back to the sane, but funny commercials.

Anyway, according the this article in the Christian Science Monitor (of all places), you have to ask for it. It is not on the menu.

" If you’re keeping kosher or vegetarian, you’re in luck: The shake is made with bacon-flavored syrup, rather than the genuine article"

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  1. Did you see this Chow article?

    But if you really need an artificial bacon fix, I'm sure Archie McPhee can help.
    bacon drink tablets that you can add to the Odwalla Pink Poety smoothie. With that combo you'll never miss the MD pink slime.

    1. We don't have Jack in the Box in my area, so I am not familiar with any of their advertising. (They're the ones with the guy with the round, white "head," right?) But I had to pop in to see if your post was about something real, or a joke. I must admit, while I've had bacon and ice cream a few times (which wasn't as bad as it sounds) the thought of a milkshake made with "bacon flavor syrup" just sounds revolting. I would think it is just _too_ artifical tasting to be any good - I dont' usually like bacon "flavored" things.

      However, I love many fast-food Strawberry shakes, and I'm pretty sure that mosty of those are made with syrup that doesn't have any real strawberry included...

      1. If you're keeping kosher, you have no business being at Jack in the Box in the first place. ;-)

        However...I don't have any Jack's in my area so I can't comment on this milkshake, but I did buy my daughter a bottle of the bacon flavored Torani syrup for Hanukkah (yes, Hanukkah and the syrup is kosher). We've used it so far to make bacon-flavored soda and chocolate milk. The chocolate milk wasn't half bad, more smoky than bacon-y, but tasty on the whole. I imagine that must be similar to the taste of the milkshake. I wouldn't do it everyday but once in a while, why not?