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Feb 8, 2012 04:19 PM

So I wanted to make an almond cake for Valentines day

(Hello! First post, please excuse my awkwardness! haha)

So, I really wanted to bake an almond cake for Valentines Day. I had the perfect plan, a layer cake, with a raspberry sauce filling, and a chocolate ganache glaze. It seemed like a great idea. Raspberry sauce is easy, so is a ganache. Not problems there. The cake however....I didn't have a recipe. Originally, I was just going to wing it. Easy enough. But then I started last minute freaking out, and decided I would find a recipe. I got a lot of recipes that started off with a boxed cake mix, and thats just not how I do things. I finally settled on Smitten Kitchen's recipe. There is only one problem. Almond paste.

I do not have almond paste, and would rather not go out and buy some if I can avoid it. I do have finely ground almond flour/meal. Can I use this to make almond paste? Or am better off just buying some?

tl;dr Can I use finely ground almond flour to make almond paste?

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  1. If I were you, I would buy the paste. I've only made an almond cake once, and it called for the paste. It's a very concentrated almond flavor, and the rest of the cake is so basic that doing without it could be really detrimental. I suspect it's a texture thing as well.

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      Well, I was planning on still using the almond paste. I was just going to make it myself with the almond flour that I have. But the recipes I've seen for the paste call for whole almonds, that you then grind yourself. I know grinding them myself would most likely make the grind a lot more course than the fine grind of the flour I have.

      So I'm not subbing out the paste. I'm just curious if I can make it myself with the flour I have.

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        Hmm. I suspect the whole almonds would add some valuable oil to the mix. Is the flour oily at all?

    2. This is a lovely cake from Suzanne Goin, and doesn't call for almond paste. Let me know if you want me to type in the recipe.

      1. If you have almond flour on hand (wow), then why not make a financier? Crispy outside, tender cake inside, very good almond flavor. And a great with a sauce (though I'd go on the side or bottom to preserve the crispy crust).

        1. Thanks for the responses, guys.

          I went ahead and made the paste with the flour I had on hand. So far, so tasty! I'm gonna do a test run on the cake tomorrow, and see how it turns out.

          1. Hi, there! Here is a link to an almond paste recipe:


            It takes a bit of time, but it isn't hard to do.