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Feb 8, 2012 02:23 PM

Spending the weekend with my daughter after 4 years apart. Need restaurant, bar suggestions

Long story short, I'll be seeing my 21 year old daughter for the first time in 4 years (ugly, ugly divorce). I could use your help with:

North End Restaurant. We need to be able to talk (we have a lot of catching up to do) but I don't want to share the conversation with the whole restaurant so not too tiny. We're headed to a Celtics game that night so it will be an early dinner. A place that excepts reservations will be a plus (although maybe at 5:30 that's not an issue).

After the game bar. It can be in the North End or Back Bay (she lives in Allston so I'm open to other recommendations). Someplace where we can continue the conversation so quiet and intimate.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner the next day. Can be anywhere in Boston/Cambridge.

Money is no object but it doesn't have to be blow out food. It's really where would you take you son/daughter if you hadn't seen them in ages and wanted to be able to spend time together.

Thanks. This obviously is a huge deal for me and I could really use your help.

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  1. disco, is this a Sat game; and brunch, dinner Sunday?

    I cannot think of any quiet and not tiny No End restnts but i'm sure others will jump in. I'm going to suggest that if you do end up in the No End, that the single best way to get a quieter atmosphere is to get there when the restnt opens. If you have time between dinner and the game, it's a handsome and fun place to walk around.

    I am also going to offer the opposite of what you asked. If you decide that a fun funky place would help break the ice for that 1st dinner, I bet your daughter would have fun at Regina's Pizzeria. It is Boston's most famous pizzeria and has its original (what we now call retro) very funky decor and loud friendly waitresses. And what many feel is Boston's best pizza, baked in a special WWII oven.
    Wkend would normally see waiting lines, but if you get there early, I think you'll be able to get in.

    Sunday Brunch at East Coast Grill in Inman Sq., Cambridge for sure- lots of young people, hip, fun vibe and great food. But is it Sun. you're looking for?

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      Yeah, definitely second the Regina rec and opinionated's philosophy as well - easier to be overheard in a quiet restaurant than a loud one. Plus, probably better to keep it light and casual the first night and ease into the deep conversation as it happens. Search the board for a recent thread on hitting up the North End/Regina's before the game.

      Also a 21 year old in Allston will probably have her own ideas of where she wants to grab a drink with you after the game, so I might not be all that concerned. Though, you might tell her you heard about this cool bar in her neighborhood - the Model - and pronounce it the Moh-Del. You might get some points for that.

      Other than the setting what kind of food do you enjoy? does she enjoy?

    2. Take her to Mistral in the South End on Saturday. Get reservations soon. Special place, you will have no problem staying and talking.

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      1. re: macewindu420

        before the game, Pierrot's Bistro on Cambridge Street walking distance to the Garden. Bar, Bristol Lounge for elegance and quiet, but Eastern Standard Kitchen might do - less formal, great drinks, but you can get some "cozy" table space. If it's breakfast as opposed to brunch, and it's not Sunday, go to Victor's Diner for old-fashioned diner breakfast, or Strip Tease or The Spot, all in Watertown. For dinner, hang out in Allston and see her neighborhood: drinks at Deep Ellum, dinner at Cognac Bistro. Have fun. Good luck.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          Yes, Cognac Bistro fits your need for quiet and intimate. Eastern Standard is fun and delicious, but very noisy by comparison.

          And it's Strip-T's, by the way, not Strip Tease. I haven't been there myself yet but it's been getting a lot of press lately as it's an old-school neighborhood joint where the kitchen was recently taken over by the owner's son, who worked a stint as chef de cuisine at Momofuku in NYC.

          1. re: BobB

            Fun informal place, but small room so secure conversation not possible.

      2. I'd say Prezza for the north end meal. Takes reservations (I wouldn't chance the timing at Piz Reg on a game nite), well spaced tables, interesting food that's pricey but good for splitting, fun place. Maybe that Flatiron tapas place for drinks after. Or wherever she suggests. Breakfast at Miracle of Science in Central Sq. might be fun or brunch at the Fireplace in Brookline closer to her apt.