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Feb 8, 2012 02:11 PM

Fried shrimp anywhere from North Miami Beach to FLL?

Memories from childhood trips to Miami Beach with the partental units - pretty much all I ate was fried shrimp or steak and mostly at The Pub in the Newport (or Romney Pub for the oldtimers reading this!). Would love to find some awesome fried shrimp. Staying in Sunny Isles but mobile. All recommendations are much appreciated!

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  1. Go to La Camaronera on W Flagler St. around 20th. It's not much of a place - a fish market with stand-up counters and fryers behind them - but fried shrimp are their specialty. The fried fish sandwich ("minuta") is excellent too, as are the black-eyed pea fritters.

    1. Haven't been in years, but Jumbo's has always been known for their fried shrimp. Since they've been in business forever, they must still be doing it right.

      1. Captain Jim's Seafood and Market, in North Miami, serves fresh large Key West shrimp fried, grilled, beer battered, blackened, or cocktailed. Go for the food, and not the ambiance. You can get 'em by the pound, or as a dinner platter.

        Kelly's Landing, in Fort Luderdale, on Cordova just north of 17th Street, has great shrimp fried in the lightest of batters. They're also available by the pound, or as a complete meal.

        Tarks, in Hollywood/Dania, fries delish Tiger shrimp and serves them in Buffalo sauce, adding another layer of flavor to the meal. Betcha can't eat just one order!.

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          Not that you would ever have the occasion to happen by Ft. Pierce but there's a waterfront restaurant called "Chucks' Seafood" and their specialty is fried shrimp......It's floured ever so lightly.....and it's a treat to eat......This is a landmark restaurant that has been there since the late 1950s....indoor and outdoor dining.....most always packed out.....

          Like I said....not that you would ever happen by Ft. Pierce for anything.....but this place is great.....Also serves a lobster bisque that would rival Joe's or any other place for that matter......

          Ft. Pierce, FL