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Food Trucks in Westchester?

I have loved watching the Food Network show with the Trucks competing cross country and loved it. I know they are big on the West Coast also. Does anyone know some good ones around Westchester? I know the guy who owns The Beer Necessities , I think it's Chef Johnson. over in Wkykagel ownes a Green Food truck somewhere in Mamaroneck. Any ideas to find some? Thanks!

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  1. can't help for now,but after winter their are two taco trucks down by city park in new rochelle, both very reasonable and good, although most of their customers are day laborers in the area (actually a pretty good sign). i forget which i prefer but in the past it was the one parked closer to new rochelle, just 50' apart though

    1. I was talking about the fact we don't really have these in Westchester the other day. Other than the hot dog trucks in Yonkers (Bronx River Road), New Rochelle (North Ave by the HS) and the one by Manhattanville College, there really aren't any food trucks. There needs to be.

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        There is a taco truck on Saw Mill River Road and Jackson Avenue on the border of Yonkers and Ardsley. There is also Mickey's truck in the same spot it's been for many years, on Jackson Avenue in the small lot just west of the southbound Sprain Brook Parkway entrance. Not sure if Mickey's son is still operating it.

      2. Well a few has been popping up in the Mount Vernon area. Nothing as extravagant as what you'd find in the city but a food truck nonetheless. There's one near gramatan that apparently does a decent breakfast, the smell of bacon puts me in a daze everytime. Hopefully the spring brings something good. I agree there needs to be more of those around.

        1. Chef Johnson's Johnson Truck in Mamaroneck. www.chefjohnson.com

          This is serious all natural comfort food. Worth a trip from anywhere. But check status online---they have weird hours.

          1. Scarsdale here (well, right now I'm in SF but returning to Westchester tomorrow).
            Had the good fortune of stumbling on "Off the Grid" here in SF last Friday. It's a collection of maybe 30 food trucks, along with picnic tables, folding chairs, good music, nice people, etc.
            Can't help but think this would be a great way for some forward-thinking politico (are you listening Paul Feiner??) to score points, bring people together, garner good will, generate some revenue and make a whole lotta people happy.
            Here's hoping we can get our own "Off the Grid" in Westchester!

            1. I realize this is an older post but just to keep up with the food truck scene there is also DoughNation out of Dobbs Ferry (Dave DiBari's truck), Love on the Run out of Mount Kisco (from Ladle of Love) and the Poutine King in Yonkers, there is a thread on the chow boards somewhere about it. I also liked watching the Food Truck Race show on Food Network and hope they come back with more episodes.

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                Don't forget the Poutine King truck on Central Avenue in Yonkers!

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                  There was a pizza truck up in Yorktown (corner of 100 and 118) last year, but it's not clear from their site/FB/Twitter that they are there anymore. Was supposed to be really good.


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                    I had been wanting to try that pizza truck. Seems the lot was being used as a storage spot for the construction on the Taconic. Hope they come back!

                    And, I am GOING to the Poutine Truck this weekend-Can't wait!! My father said he read an article about it.

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                      I messaged the pizza truck folks on FB and they wrote back and said they'd announce their opening date on Friday. They're also doing some Saturday farmers markets. I have to get to that truck this year!

                2. You said "around Westchester" so hopefully I don't get in trouble for plugging the El Charrito yellow truck that is usually parked at Richmond Hill Ave. and Hwy 1 in west(!) Stamford. Justifiably famous and tasty tacos.
                  I believe they were featured on the food network about two years ago...

                  1. Pink Panther truck on Saw Mill River Road just south of Jackson serves tacos, chicken/pork over rice, menudo...etc.

                    1. There was supposed to be a Cajun truck in the soundside park in Mamaroneck, but I never found it.