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Feb 8, 2012 02:06 PM

Bachelor Party in Louisville - Thoughts?

So, some buddies of mine are planning a Bourbon/BBQ-centric bachelor party for me this coming June 2012 in Louisville.

We're from the east coast and don't know a ton about KY, and while we've done some research on the Bourbon Trail, curious what other thoughts you all may have for places to hit, things to taste and do?

Any thoughts/guidance would be much appreciated!

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  1. Jack Fry's is a fun bar with live jazz. KY has a lot of good BBQ. Do you want to have a party at the BBQ joint are have it catered. Some joints don't have that much dining space.

    Jack Fry's @ 1007 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY 502 - 452 - 9244.

    Mark's Feed Store is a great BBQ joint has several locations and it's one of the most popular joints in town. They can handle your party. Jeff Ruby's would be my choice for a party.

    Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse @ Suite 120 Waterfront Plaza, 325 West Main St., Louisville, KY 502 - 584 - 0102.
    Mark's Feed Store BBQ @ 1514 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 458 - 1570.

    1. I don't know how upscale you want your party, but if you're looking for a fun, somewhat dive atmosphere, we ate dinner at the Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot the other night and loved their barbecue. http://www.frankfortavenuebeerdepot.c...

      1. Doc Crows would hit the BBQ and Bourbon marks, haven't been there. Downtown and nearby Market Street likely best to hit, lots of variety and walkable. bachelor party you say... im sure you're too sophisticated to hit the gentlemen's clubs which happen to be in between downtown hotels/bars and market street bars restaurants...

        For general hanging out/eating/drinking but not BBQ per se - Garage, Taco Punk (some BBQ tacos), Mayan Cafe, Wiltshire pantry all great for their own reasons, haven't tried Rye yet

        bistro set to move into spot next to T. Punk sometime (old 732 social spot) dunno when though.

        best to stay walkable from hotel since cabs need to be called, 30-45min wait usually.
        Jeff Ruby's is nice for a bachelor's, threw my bro in law one there myself

        in ref to Littleman post, I loves me some Jack Frys too but have never seen BBQ on menu....ever.
        Mark's Feed Store is pretty ho-hum in my opinion, sorry to be a hater.